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Consultancy in tourism destination management and local representation

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Multilingual and professional Meet&Greet Services

Ground Transportation

Group- and private airport and golf transfers, with or without guide

Hotel & Villa Allotments

Allotments and contracting of hotel rooms, villa's and apartments

Local Representation

Multilingual customer assistance and representation of your company

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Supervising your allotments and managing your bookings

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Always looking for the next stage of evolution in the tourism industry

We breathe tourism in everything we do

Belalgarve Consultants has tourism in its blood. We breathe tourism in everything we do. We believe in the tourism industry with its sustainable, culture-binding features and value the progress and growth that the tourism industry can bring to entire regions.

That is why Belalgarve Consultants is only active in regions and destinations that we as investment consultants believe in, namely destinations with a sustainable government approach to the tourism industry and a democratic government with a stable policy. In our opinion, these ingredients provide the basis for a sustainable, local data respecting tourism sector with a dynamic growth. Naturally, as consultants, we also support tourism projects in regions and countries, which can find the path to greater political, social and economic stability through the growth of its tourism sector, such as Cape Verde.

Intelligent destination management for travel organisations

The tourism industry will be a win-win situation for everyone involved if the destination management of the travel organisation is structured sustainably. Belalgarve Consultants has many years of experience within the tourism and therefore understands the economic and social impact that the tourism industry has on all elements of the local economy and society. We analyse the tourist market at our destinations on a daily basis and always follow the latest trends with our approach.

Sustainable tourism and intelligent travel

Sustainability with respect for the local population, culture and the natural environment has become increasingly important for travellers and holidaymakers in recent years. Hoteliers like to promote their responsible use of natural resources such as water or electricity. The excursion offer and the various tourist activities in the different destinations are expected to bring holidaymakers together with the locals and provide information on cultural elements such as gastronomy, art and traditions. Holidaymakers want and expect part of the tourism income to go directly to the local population and small-scale service providers. Today's holidaymaker is increasingly aware of the importance of responsible travel. The large travel organisations are also responding to this. Increasingly, use is being made of small-scale and sustainable local providers. Even the major all-inclusive resorts today offer for example cooking or dancing lessons provided by locals.

Individual holidays with organised safety

Our holiday products respond to the new trends and the desire for small-scale holiday packages that offer the necessary safety and hygiene. By working with small-scale transportation and excursion companies and local and private holiday accommodations, we can offer safe individual holiday packages that respond to the new hygiene requirements. In this way, holidaymakers get to know the local way of life, the culture and independently discover all the assets of the holiday region with the help of our knowledge.

Our holiday packages in Portugal, Cyprus, Montenegro and Cape Verde include

- individual transfers to and from the airport with disinfected vehicles.

- private apartments and villas, with professional cleaning before every arrival.

- optional rental cars, neatly cleaned and with carefully arranged discovery routes proposals

- optional private excursions with an English-speaking guide

- English-language assistance and local emergency number available 24 hours a day

- Information package about the destination with tips and addresses where you can eat safely, enjoy a drink or do your shopping

We make your travel company a success

Assisting your travel company in Cape Verde, Cyprus, Montenegro and Portugal

As a travel company or event company, you must not only ensure that the operations at your destinations run smoothly, but also that the costs of it do not cancel out the profit on your margins.

You must also always be ahead of your competitor and offer a customer experience that is unique and may become the new trend of tomorrow. Finding price and quality at all levels is difficult, especially if you base your collaboration on a single local representation company or DMC.

Consultancy services in tourism destination management and local representation

By working together with a consultancy firm specializing in tourism in Cyprus, Cape Verde, Montenegro and Portugal, such as Belalgarve Consultants, you are not bound to one operator and therefore only one price and quality level, but you can choose from numerous building block options for airport transport, accommodation procurement, local representation and multilingual customer service. We look for the right ingredients for you to meet your customers' expectations and offer them at the lowest possible price.

Of course, it seems complicated from an organizational point of view to work together with multiple performers at the destination, but no problem. We fuse together the suitable building block options for you into one product with one contact, which you can always count on and who will keep an eye on the local implementation of the agreements at all times.

Do you want to expand as a travel organization in or to Portugal, Cyprus or the Cape Verde Islands? Please contact us for more information or a first consultation without obligation.

We are happy to assist you in making your company a success at our destinations.

How we work

Belalgarve is not a travel company, but uses its large partner network as a consultancy and can in this way always offer prices directly agreed with the provider without having to hand over margins to local travel organizations or booking machines. This way you know that you always pay the right price for accommodation purchasing or transport solutions in the Cape Verde Islands, Cyprus, or Portugal.

Belalgarve is also the right place to be when it comes to service. We offer multilingual customer service and a 24-hour contact point at all our destinations. We are there for your customers, whether it is questions about what to discover in Cyprus, Portugal, Montenegro or the Cape Verde Islands, or to provide assistance in case of problems.

We are an extremely dynamic and flexible company and will continue to listen to your needs and wishes, until we have found the right service for you. Please contact us for more information or a free quote.

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