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Belalgarve Consultants has tourism in its blood. We breathe tourism in everything we do. We believe in the tourism industry with its sustainable and culture-connecting qualities and we appreciate the progress and growth that the tourism industry can mean for entire regions.

That is why Belalgarve Consultants is only active in regions and at destinations that we as investment consultants believe in, namely destinations with a sustainable government approach to the tourism industry and a democratic government with a stable government policy. We believe that only these ingredients provide the basics for sustainable, local realities respecting and dynamic growth of the tourism industry. As consultants, we naturally also support tourism projects in areas and countries that, partly thanks to the growth of the tourism sector and the growing purchasing power of the local population, can find the path to more political and economic stability, such as Cape Verde.

The prosperity of the Cape Verde islands will continue to grow along with tourism

Cape Verde, an archipelago with ten islands, just off the west coast of Africa, is a tropical paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. With 350 days of sunshine, the temperatures are constantly between 25 ° C and 30 ° C and the water around the islands is crystal clear. The Cape Verdeans are known for their 'No Stress' mentality and relaxed lifestyle, making it the ideal holiday destination.

The number of tourists has increased by 115% since the year 2000 and is expected to double again by 2024. This thriving tourism is partly due to the impeccable standards of hospitality of Cape Verde and the excellent year-round climate. The rapidly growing interest in Cape Verde as a holiday destination has led to strong progress in the Cape Verdean economy and the government has understood this by investing heavily in infrastructure such as airports, roads and ports. Large foreign investors were also attracted with tax advantages and develop and build luxury hotel complexes whose quality standards surpass each other with every additional project.

In the future, the prosperity of the Cape Verde islands will continue to grow along with the constant growth of tourism. This is combined with a democratically elected and stable government structure that has a clear strategy to develop the islands in line with that increasing tourist demand.

This strategy includes major infrastructure improvements and modernisations, including support for foreign investment and the tourism industry, as well as modernization of utilities, telecommunications and transport connections. In addition, efforts are focused on increasing investment in social projects and improving the quality of life for the residents of the islands as new opportunities become available to them. Substantial investments are also being made in important education and housing projects.

Tourism analysts predict that the islands will compete with resorts in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands in the coming decade. The weather is much better, especially in the winter, than in the Canary Islands, and despite the tropical climate there is no real rainy season and certainly no hurricane season.

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The tourism industry in Cyprus has also remained on both feet during the financial crisis

The tourism industry in Cyprus is one of the largest economic motors of the island has experienced significant growth. It is not difficult to understand where the appeal of Cyprus is for the many holidaymakers: the weather is beautiful, the cost of living is relatively low and although Greek is the official language, English is widely spoken in Cyprus. But while many Mediterranean destinations focus the strategy for their tourism sector on 'sun and sea', the Cypriot government has quickly understood that focusing solely on sunny bays is causing a heavy seasonal nature of the tourism industry. And to ensure a more even distribution of the influx of tourism throughout the year is the basis of a sustainable build-up of the future of every tourist destination. 

The high season for tourists in Cyprus is the six-month period from May to October. Of course, attracting tourists during the winter months remains a challenge. The government has extended the tourist season in Cyprus by two months to cover the shoulder months of December and March. As golf resorts have different seasonal patterns and golfers prefer the cooler winter, the government has introduced an incentive scheme that aims to speed up the construction of golf courses and associated resorts.

With tax benefits, Cyprus is also trying to attract more and more retired northern Europeans who want to stay here in the winter or even buy property to spend their winter in Cyprus, and have their property generate income on the rental market during the summer.

But sun, sea and beach will also attract the majority of holidaymakers to Cyprus in the future. The famous beaches of Cyprus have been awarded 53 blue flags, giving Cyprus the most blue flags per capita.

As a crossroads of several cultures over the centuries, Cyprus also has a lot to offer in terms of cultural, historical and archaeological heritage, and these sites are usually only a few kilometers away from the beautiful beaches and award-winning resorts of Cyprus.

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Portugal is considered the economic prodigy of Europe, also due to the tourism industry

Portugal, once labeled as a hidden secret among European holiday destinations, has meanwhile developed into the "place to be" of Europe. In addition to the popularity of Lisbon as a city trip destination, the beautiful city of Porto and the nearby historic university city of Coimbra are also gaining fame. The beautiful silver coast, situated between Coimbra and Lisbon, and the sun-drenched south of the Algarve have been considered top holiday destinations for years. But the Douro-Valley or the Alentejo are also excellent examples of a successful and sustainable strategy in green tourism as well as gastronomic tourism.

It is also because of this sudden international popularity that the government has succeeded in attracting foreign investors through tax benefits, especially in the real estate sector. Fiscal and other benefits of course provide the basis for an attractive investment climate, but the reputation and international popularity really ensure that foreigners are interested in Portugal in the first place.

Throughout the year, both Lisbon and Porto benefit from increasing visitor numbers and the Algarve is also seeing new investment projects in the tourism industry, especially in luxury and experiential tourism.

Portugal has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe, is known for its hospitable and peaceful population and among all southern European countries it has not only emerged as a true prodigy from the financial crisis, but is also one of the fastest growing European economies at the moment.

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Intelligent destination management for travel companies

Belalgarve sees the tourism industry as a win-win situation for all involved, at least if the destination management of the travel organization is structured in a sustainable way. Belalgarve has many years of experience within the tourism industry and that is why we understand the economic impact of the tourism industry on other elements of the economy and can thus always arrive at the best offer of advice and expertise by determining the overall picture. Our experts analyze the tourism market at our destinations on a daily basis and we also keep abreast of the latest trends in tourism.

Through our activities in the real estate sector, we already have many opportunities that present themselves to tour operators and travel organizations before they become public. It is not uncommon for us to mediate in the purchase of properties for the realisation of smaller and large-scale hotel projects, and in this way mediate newly released room allotments directly with travel organisations, which in turn brings safety to our investing customers.

We make your travel company a success in Cyprus, Cape Verde and Portugal

As a travel company or event company, you must not only ensure that the operations at your destinations run smoothly, but also that the costs of it do not cancel out the profit on your margins.

You must also always be ahead of your competitor and offer a customer experience that is unique and may become the new trend of tomorrow. Finding price and quality at all levels is difficult, especially if you base your collaboration on a single local representation company or DMC.

By working together with a consultancy firm specializing in tourism in Cyprus, Cape Verde and Portugal, such as Belalgarve Consultants, you are not bound to one operator and therefore only one price and quality level, but you can choose from numerous building block options for airport transport, accommodation procurement, local representation and multilingual customer service. We look for the right ingredients for you to meet your customers' expectations and offer them at the lowest possible price.

Of course it seems complicated from an organizational point of view to work together with multiple performers at the destination, but no problem. We fuse together the suitable building block options for you into one product with one contact, which you can always count on and who will keep an eye on the local implementation of the agreements at all times.

Do you want to expand as a travel organization in or to Portugal, Cyprus or the Cape Verde Islands? Please contact us for more information or a first consultation without obligation.

We are happy to assist you in making your company a success at our destinations.

Belalgarve is not a travel company, but uses its large partner network as a consultancy and can in this way always offer prices directly agreed with the provider without having to hand over margins to local travel organizations or booking machines. This way you know that you always pay the right price for accommodation purchasing or transport solutions in the Cape Verde Islands, Cyprus, or Portugal.

Belalgarve is also the right place to be when it comes to service. We offer multilingual customer service and a 24-hour contact point at all our destinations. We are there for your customers, whether it is questions about what to discover in Cyprus, Portugal or the Cape Verde Islands, or to provide assistance in case of problems.

We are an extremely dynamic and flexible company and will continue to listen to your needs and wishes, until we have found the right service for you. Please contact us for more information or a free quote.

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