Dominica Citizenship: The Cost

Invest in this "Nature Island" and get the citizenship

How much will it cost me to become a citizen of Dominica?

Applicants for Dominica Citizenship must submit completed government application forms along with supporting documents based on the details of both the main applicant and his or her family members. Contact us today for a personalized list of required documents for you and your family.

Furthermore, there are two investment options to receive Dominica citizenship. The minimum investment amount per option is as follows:

Option 1: Real estate investment in a government-approved project

  • $200,000 (Regardless of the number of family members included in the application)

Option 2: Donation to EDF - Economic Diversification Fund (USD)

  • $100,000 - Single Applicant
  • $50,000 - Husband
  • $175,000 - Family of 4 with no siblings of the main applicant or the spouse
  • $50,000 - Brother or sister of the main applicant or spouse aged 18-25
  • $25,000 - Any dependent other than the spouse or sibling of spouse or lead applicant aged 18-25

Additional Costs of Obtaining Dominica Citizenship

In addition to the actual investment, in order to obtain Dominica citizenship, the following procedure and application fees must also be paid to the government.

Due Diligence costs

  • $7,500 - Main Applicant
  • $4,000 - Husband
  • $4,000 - Dependent family member aged 16 and over

Government Application Processing Fees

  • $1,000 - Per Request

Other applicable charges

  • Passport fees
  • Proof of naturalization costs
  • Agency fees

Real estate transaction costs (only payable with a real estate investment)

  • $25,000 - Main Applicant
  • $35,000 - Family of up to 4 (excluding dependent sibling)
  • $50,000 - Family of up to 6 (excluding dependent sibling)
  • $70,000 - Family of up to 7+ (excluding dependent sibling)
  • $25,000 - Dependent Sibling Under 18
  • $50,000 - Dependent sibling between 18 - 25 years old

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