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Belalgarve Consultants offers real estate in the world's most beautiful and popular holiday destinations. In all cases, our overseas properties offer an optimal quality of life and a potential high return on your investment thanks to holiday rentals and the capital growth of your real estate asset generated by increasing tourism.

The search for real estate in the world's top tourist destinations alone is a wonderful experience. You are not only looking for a house or home that suits you well, but also a new living environment, culture, gastronomy and climate. The best and most pleasant way to get to know the environment of your future second home better is to go on holiday!

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At Belalgarve we are proud of what our destinations have to offer. We are therefore looking forward to sharing our experience with these beautiful regions with you! We are on site and know the different regions with all their hotels, accommodations, attractions and experiences inside and out.

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As soon as you have booked your holiday trhough the above links, you can let us know using the form below. You will then receive our handy destination tips completely free of charge. If you let us know your search criteria for a property in your dream destination, we will also arrange a private trip with our local estate agent for you free of charge and without any obligation. Our local estate agent will show you three properties that match your search criteria. This way, you not only get to know your future living environment, but you also get a good overview of the local real estate market and information about purchasing real estate on your dream destination.

Step 3: Earn your trip back

If you purchase your second home under the sun of your dream destination through us, we will be more than happy to receive your travel invoice and refund it up to a maximum value of €1000.

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