We have tourism in our DNA

Professional consultancy services for hoteliers and tour operators

A broad approach with local know-how

Belalgarve Consultants offers professional consultancy services for hotel operators, investors in tourist real estate as well as tour operators and travel organisations. Our team has years of experience in the travel industry and specializes in finding real estate with touristic potential, bringing real estate investors together with hotel operators and management companies, and helping tour operators improve their commercial and operational activities in the destination. For this we work closely with real estate developers, hotel management companies and DMCs.

We operate mainly in Portugal and Cape Verde, but are also active in markets such as Belize, Cyprus, Montenegro and Spain.

Always looking for the next stage of evolution in the tourism industry

We breathe tourism in everything we do

Belalgarve Consultants has tourism in its blood. We breathe tourism in everything we do. We believe in the tourism industry with its sustainable, culture-binding features and value the progress and growth that the tourism industry can bring to entire regions.

That is why Belalgarve Consultants is only active in regions and destinations that we as investment consultants believe in, namely destinations with a sustainable government approach to the tourism industry and a democratic government with a stable policy. In our opinion, these ingredients provide the basis for a sustainable, local data respecting tourism sector with a dynamic growth. Naturally, as consultants, we also support tourism projects in regions and countries, which can find the path to greater political, social and economic stability through the growth of its tourism sector, such as Cape Verde.

Intelligent destination management for travel organisations

The tourism industry will be a win-win situation for everyone involved if the destination management of the travel organisation is structured sustainably. Belalgarve Consultants has many years of experience within the tourism and therefore understands the economic and social impact that the tourism industry has on all elements of the local economy and society. We analyse the tourist market at our destinations on a daily basis and always follow the latest trends with our approach.

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