Secure Property Investment on Sal Island, Cape Verde

A safe and cost-effective investment in an exclusive resort development

Invest in a luxury resort in paradise

6 reasons why to invest 

  • Luxury resort with ocean view
  • 100% ownership
  • Minimum 5% ROI per year, guaranteed for 15 years
  • Long-term contract solvable partner
  • Holiday stay for own use, up to 4 weeks per year
  • Entry-level prices from € 100.000

No worries

Thanks to the idyllic prime location on the beach of Santa Maria and 365 days sun per year with an av. temperature of 25-30°C a rental income is ensured.

The property is fully managed.

No administration or follow-up needed. No personal responsibility for maintenance, repairs, etc. to your property. Everything is arranged for you.

Low risk investment

Resort properties are starting to score on the investment market, both among beginners and experienced investors. The combination of a strong income, little care, no maintenance and a low investment threshold, create an ideal investment opportunity.

Moreover, resort properties are extremely inflation-proof, as rentals rise every year.

About the resort

The resort has 777 luxury suites all designed in a luxurious style. Guests enjoy an enchanting and unforgettable stay, thanks to the resort's unique design and sophisticated concept.

The exclusive resort has its own beach and consists out of no less than 7 outdoor pools. In addition, there is a wide range of facilities such as restaurants, bars, tennis courts, wellness, shops, children's clubs, fitness rooms ...

There is an adults-only zone where guests can enjoy a well-deserved holiday in peace. If you're travelling with family, you can visit the resort's family hotel, which has a swimming pool for toddlers, a water park and various children's clubs. The largest pool is the central pool where everyone can have a good time.

Reference: CVBA00023

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