Manage your property the way you want to

The different ways to make your investment a success

Invest in total flexibility and security

There are so many different ways to get a return on your investment - our customers can manage their properties themselves, either by renting it to their family and friends, putting their real estate online at an independent rental company or letting it through the hotel managed rental program.

A world full of options

If you buy a property in one of our luxurious 5-star resorts, a world of options, benefits and returns opens up. All our apartments, rooms, suites and villas are sold on the basis of valid property rights, individually registered under a separate legal title and this means that you have unencumbered property rights on your purchase. Your real estate investment is yours and will always remain yours. There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership in Cape Verde.

That is why you also determine how your property is managed and how it works for you as an investment. Whether you decide to keep the property for private use, rent the property independently through a rental agent or let it be operated by the hotel managed rental program, the choice is entirely up to you.

Improve your lifestyle

A luxury property in the sun is a dream of most, so it would be perfectly understandable if you decide to keep your property for yourself. If you decide to purchase a second home as a lifestyle choice, you can still benefit from all of the luxurious facilities, including access to the common areas, the resort pools and the lounging areas.

You can also enjoy the many bars and restaurants for an additional fee, or enjoy an all-inclusive wristband during your stay at an extra charge. Access to the wireless network is free and a cleaning service is also possible upon payment.

It will be your piece of paradise, a luxury accommodation with all 5-star amenities that you can expect from a world-famous hotel brand.

Independent rental

Many of our customers want to manage their property themselves, either completely independently by renting it out to their network of family and friends, or by placing their property online at an independent rental company.

By managing your rental property yourself, you retain control over your property management, rental prices and availability. This option benefits those who want more than the standard 5 weeks of personal use per year, as offered in the hotel managed rental program, and offers a perfect combination of the lifestyle benefits of a holiday home in the sun, with addition of rental income.

Not only do your tenants benefit from the same benefits as you do within the resort, but they can also purchase extras such as all-inclusive wristbands, spa treatments and cleaning.

Belalgarve is also a reputable rental agent that can help you rent out your new home.

Rental through the hotel managed rental program

The world's largest resort operator, Meliá Hotels International, has an unrivaled reputation for providing a world-class guest experience. In addition to lucrative commercial partnerships with worldwide tour operators and travel agencies, Meliá Hotels offers a unique and hassle-free property management program with proven high and safe rental returns for owners, as well as the possibility of excellent capital growth.

All our resorts offer investors the opportunity to generate consistent and sustainable rental income through this property management program. Everything is taken care of on your behalf and you receive part of the income that comes from the tourist exploitation of your property. To top it all off you are entitled to a holiday in your home for a maximum of 5 weeks per year. Many customers of us say that they have the best of both worlds through this way!

If you decide to place your property under the hotel managed scheme, it will be marketed to millions of holiday makers around the world, giving you rental income year-round.

You can participate in the program on the basis of a flexible and rolling one-year contract, which gives you day-by-day control over the management of your property and you can change the way you manage it if your circumstances change or if you decide in the future to choose another rental option. For those who buy one of our properties as a pure investment, the hotelier's management scheme may be the most convenient and lucrative solution.

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