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Imagine being able to own the holiday home of your dreams without paying for it, enjoy it whenever you want, and generate income when you don't use it. Be part of a new way to own luxury properties, join our network of investors and own a slice of paradise wherever you go. With our real estate funds, you can turn your dreams into memories, feel like royalty in your castle, take friends to your award-winning vineyard, ski with family right from your chalet or romantically explore the city's charms from your city centre apartment. With our real estate investment funds, all this is possible, while you also earn money with it.

The Portugal 88 fund

Our real estate investment funds are focused on providing investors with the highest returns and the best experiences. We acquire iconic properties in the most desirable locations, renovate and design for a luxury experience, and then bring them to the luxury holiday rental market. Clients can rent these properties on the best holiday rental portals in the world and the rental yield is paid monthly to investors. But owning the world's most special homes would only be fun if our investors can enjoy them too, so we offer 14 days a year for free in any of the properties so that our investors can create long-lasting memories and traditions with their family and friends.

Portugal 88 is an investment fund focused on luxury real estate for short-term rental. Portugal is a beautiful country with one of Europe's fastest growing property prices. With our local expertise, we will acquire up to 20 iconic luxury properties in the best locations across the country, from historic downtown apartments in Lisbon and Porto, as well as beautiful mansions and estates in Sintra, Cascais, Comporta and the islands of Azores and Madeira. All this while delivering high returns from short-term rentals and capital appreciation. PORTUGAL 88 is eligible as an investment for the sought-after Portuguese Gold Visa. You must be quick. Only a limited number of investors can be admitted, so that all properties are actually available for free 14 days a year for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

The main differentiators compared to other investment funds

Low risk

The Portugal 88 fund stands for security. No other investment is as safe as investing in real estate. That is why this fund only and exclusively invests in existing and ready-to-use properties. No loans are taken out for this either, and the investor base consists of like-minded people. People who, in addition to a high return, are also looking for a stress-free experience and a bit of joy in life.

Diversified Sources of Income

The annual revenues paid come from luxury holiday rentals and are therefore dependent on tourism. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, tourism in Portugal suddenly doesn't pay off, then there is always the real estate itself, which can be sold at the market price. The risk that this will be necessary is very low. The luxury holiday rental market in Portugal has seen soaring numbers even during the global pandemic, and there is still more demand than supply to date.

Unique experiences

Our investors can use any property within our portfolio for a total of 14 days per year. You can also split these days between different properties and also bring your family and friends to enjoy a wonderful holiday in houses and villas with a market value of more than 2 million euros.

The advantage of this fund compared to buying real estate yourself

This fund allows you to use properties for your holiday whose value is much higher than the amount invested by you. Because your money has been invested in various real estate objects, the risk is also much lower due to diversification. In addition, as a non-resident, you will not have to deal with taxes in Portugal.

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