Property Management
Maximizing revenue and efficiency of your second home

Entirely Free

Our Holiday Letting Service includes the marketing of your property through different channels as well as the management of all reservations. All of this without hidden fees for you.

Fixed Rental Price

The net rental prices are agreed in advance with the property owner and paid in full as agreed. There are no hidden fees.

Fluid Pricing system

We add our commission above the agreed net rental price. This allows us to react to the market and maximize the occupancy rate by adjusting weekly prices to actual demand.

NEW for villa owners: we offer guaranteed payment contracts. Contact us for more information 

Fluid Pricing

  • Guaranteed net rate agreed with the property owner

Net rental rates are agreed in advance with the property owner and will be paid out as agreed for every rental and without any deductions

  • Commissions added on top of the guaranteed net rate

We add our commission on top of the rental price agreed with the property owner. This enables us adjust the rental price of your property on a daily basis, without consent from the owner who will always receive the agreed net rental price

  • Optimizing occupancy levels through flexible commissions

Adding our commission on top of the agreed and fixed rental price enables us to react to the market fast and with full flexibility. We always aim for maximum occupancy levels and it happens that we don't add any commission at all, if for certain weeks the market is weak.

  • Sharing success with the property owners through a unique payback scheme

Don´t fear of losing out on your potential income by giving us a fixed net rental income. We add our commission, but whenever the commission reaches 50% of the owner's rental price, we will be sharing our success by reimbursing any income made on top of the 50% of the owner's rental price. Trust us, most of our properties owners benefit from this during the strong summer months

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