Property Management

Maximizing revenue and efficiency of your holiday letting

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Marketing of your property and reservation management

Entirely Free

Our Holiday Letting Service includes the marketing of your property through different channels, as well as the management of all reservations. All of this without hidden fees for you.

Fixed Rental Price

The net rental prices are agreed in advance with the property owner and paid in full as agreed. There are no hidden fees.

Fluid Pricing system

We add our commission above the agreed net rental price. This allows us to react to the market and maximize the occupancy rate by adjusting weekly prices to actual demand.

Property Management you can trust

Successful property management services are based on trust between the property managing company and the property owner. As property owner in need of property management services, you may or may not always be close to the property you are letting on the holiday rental market. Or you may be too busy to look after the property yourself. Maybe you're lacking of the know how on how to successfully do the marketing of your property or simply do not have the time to manage the reservations and incoming enquiries.

At Belalgarve, we take property management and the success of your rental property very serious. We are not a money-grabbing real estate agency looking for a quick and supplementary stream of income. We are specialists in tourism and hospitality and believe in a sustainable approach of managing your property. Transparency in what we are doing, wherever you are, and putting your properties success above our income are both the main pillars of our approach.

The key to your success: our unique fluid pricing system

Sustainable property management is not about generating a maximum on commission, but is all about putting your property on the holiday rental market as a trustful quality place to spend your holidays. Successful property management therefore is maximizing the occupancy rate of your property and ensuring that a maximum of these bookings, or their family and friends, will want to return to your property in the future. Property management should be all about you as owner and your clients as holidaymakers, and not about the property manager's commission. Therefore, we have developed a unique marketing technique, ensuring that our approach is the most sustainable approach for your property.   

  • Guaranteed net rate agreed with the property owner

Net rental rates are agreed in advance with the property owner and will be paid out as agreed for every rental and without any deductions.

  • Commissions added on top of the guaranteed net rate

We add our commission on top of the rental price agreed with the property owner. This enables us to adjust the rental price of your property on a daily basis without consent from the owner who will always receive the agreed net rental price.

  • Optimizing occupancy levels through flexible commissions

Adding our commission on top of the agreed and fixed rental price enables us to react to the market fast and with full flexibility. We always aim for maximum occupancy levels and it happens that we don't add any commission at all, if for certain weeks the market is weak. This allows us to always obtain the best possible occupancy rate for your property.

Our formulas for property management and holiday rentals

Choose the formula that suits you best. Do you want to rent out your property throughout the year or just a part of the year? Do you only want to use our booking and marketing system? Or do you also need maintenance and cleaning for your home? With our building block system you will always remain in charge of your own property.

Marketing & Booking Management

We promote your property on the many booking websites and Social Media. We receive and manage all your reservations. Our multilingual team also keeps in touch with your customers during the booking process and answers any questions they may have.

We rent your property in accordance with our Fluid-Pricing concept (see above). This means you are always sure to have the best possible occupancy rate for your holiday home.

Price: Free / Commissions based on our Fluid Pricing system

Customer service and care

Our multilingual team ensures that every customer is personally welcomed. We receive the deposit for you and pay it back to the customer upon departure, after having carried out a thorough inspection. The customer receives an emergency number on which we can always be reached. Technical or other problems during the stay of the customers will be solved by us as soon as possible.

Price: €25 per booking


We freshen up your holiday home before every arrival and spotless it after departure.


  • Up to 65 m2 = €1.15 / m2
  • Up to 130 m2 = €1.00 / m2
  • Up to 250 m2 = €0.90 / m2

Maintenance & Upkeep

We visit your property at least once every fortnight to empty the letterbox, freshen up the house and water any flowers and plants. In the event of technical problems, we solve these in consultation with you. Especially ideal if you do not rent out your property, but are absent for a longer period.

Price: €65 per month

Discount packages

If you sign a 12-month agreement with us, you will receive a 10% discount on all the above-mentioned prices.

If you sign a 24-month agreement with us, you will receive a 15% discount on all the above-mentioned prices.

Attention: All mentioned prices above are exclusive VAT!

Guaranteed contracts: make the unpredictable predictable

While our fluid pricing system generally ensures the highest possible rental returns of your property, in the short-term as well as in the long term, the unpredictable tourism market will make it hard for you to estimate the exact amount you will earn from your rental property by the end of the year. However, for some reason this might be important for you or your wealth management. Due to our extensive contacts and partnerships within the tourism industry, we can develop a solution for you. By letting your property to a tour-operator or international travel organization, we may be able to let your holiday property on a guaranteed contract, meaning that you will receive an advance payment at the beginning of the rental season, and fixed-terms payments throughout the season. If this is the solution you want, then feel free to contact us, so we can analyse the possibilities.

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