Safe and lucrative investment in a luxury resort in tropical Belize

Enjoy a high return and the security real estate offers as an investment

Safe investment in real estate with a return of at least 15% per year

A unique opportunity only available to high net worth individuals and professional investors

Our investors already know. At Belalgarve Consultants, we believe in the security that real estate provides as an investment. But as the specialist for real estate in emerging tourist destinations, we offer a lot more than safety. Increasing tourism is driving capital growth and the highest returns within the real estate investment market. Moreover, our real estate investments are always linked to options for personal use, so that our investment opportunities are also an investment in your lifestyle and, above all, quality of life.

Carefree investments in one of the world's most beautiful locations

This unique real estate investments opportunity is a safe and carefree way of investing. You decide the amount you want to invest, and our team of financial and legal advisors will document this accurately. You can still change your decision during a cooling-off period of 7 days.

You will be kept informed at all times by our team about the progress of work within the new resort.

Once the resort opens, you can sit back and enjoy watching the annual returns show up on your bank statements. Furthermore, start enjoying your free stay of up to 4 weeks a year at this new beach resort in Belize.

Safety above all

The following also applies to this investment opportunity in real estate in Belize: we would not offer any opportunity if we did not believe in it ourselves.

In addition to the high return, this property investment opportunity is also characterized by a high level of security.

This new luxury beach resort in Belize is being built by an experienced partner who already owns and operates two operational luxury resorts in Mexico. Both resorts are renowned and have excellent guest reviews on both Tripadvisor and

Belize is a hospitable and safe country with a stable and democratic government. The country has been a popular tourist destination for North Americans for many years and has seen steady annual growth in overnight tourist stays.

All hotels of our partners are built according to the highest quality standards, taking into account possible natural disasters such as Hurricanes. Our partner's resorts are 100% insured for such calamities.

Real estate in itself offers a lot of security. Even if the hotel does not deliver the expected returns, our partner can easily decide to sell the real estate assets, or convert them into a residential project.

Limited shares available! Don't miss this unique opportunity under the tropical sun of Belize!