White Sands Hotel & Spa in Boa Vista

The beautiful White Sands Hotel & Spa is located on Santa Monica's excellent white sandy beach

Imagine an oasis of luxury on an island paradise, bathed in tropical sunshine and located on the purest white sandy beach

The government of Cape Verde has provided the beautiful island of Boa Vista with numerous important investment plans to improve the infrastructure of the island. For example, the airport was recently expanded, and new roads are being built, better facilities to provide the population with food and desalination plants for drinking water are being built.

There are also many pieces of land reserved for important tourist developments, some of which are already under construction. The White Sands Hotel & Spa is an example of this, located on the south coast of the island on the excellent and beautiful white sand beaches of Santa Monica.

Opening of the White Sands Hotel & Spa is scheduled for early 2022

The White Sands Hotel & Spa will become the first major beach hotel on Boa Vista's south coast, but approved plans are already underway for 5 more luxury beach hotels on Santa Monica's dream beach. Boa Vista is already the second most important tourist destination in Cape Verde after the island of Sal.

The White Sands Hotel & Spa will consist of 835 rooms, apartments and villas, served by the highest quality and diversity of amenities such as multiple restaurants, bars, snack bars, swimming pools and a spa centre.

The resort will be divided into a family area and an adult-only area. All customers can therefore enjoy the highest service quality here, which is perfectly tailored to individual needs.

Ideal for family holidays, or for a restful and luxurious experience in the adults-only area

The family oriented facilities include two separate children's pools, a baby pool, an adventure playground and a kids' club. There is also a poolside bar and a poolside restaurant with a top-notch menu for your refreshments throughout the day.

The main hotel building offers an exceptional choice of excellent restaurants. A collection of spacious bars including a relaxing lobby bar, a luxurious champagne bar and a lively sports bar will satisfy all tastes.

You can also enjoy a day of unabashed luxury and pampering in the lavish YHI Spa® - the ideal addition to long and lazy days under the Cape Verde sun. The beach offers a range of chic and modern bars, including the illustrious Gabi Club®. This ultimate beach club experience offers guests a choice of relaxing bali beds, secluded seating areas and luxurious pool complete with lounge chairs and swim-up bar. A truly unforgettable location to enjoy a cocktail at sunset.

All this elegance is delivered to you from Meliá Hotels International, the world's largest resort hotelier, under their prestigious 5-star MELIÃ brand.

Built by a property developer who keeps his promises

This project like the surrounding hotel projects, which are still in the planning stages, are being developed and completed by The Resort Group PLC, the leading developer of hotels and real estate in Cape Verde.

The White Sands Hotel & Spa is the first of six planned developments from this developer on Boa Vista, but the already completed and operational resorts on the neighbouring island of Sal provide the right credentials and experience to make this brand-new development a success story too.

The Resort Group PLC's track record and ability to deliver the very best and highest quality is unmatched in the tourism real estate industry. Due to a cautious approach, this real estate developer never launches new investments until the previous project was financially successful. With this approach, The Resort Group has been able to gain the confidence of investors over the years.

The Resort Group PLC therefore takes full responsibility for the entire development process of its hotels and resorts, from start to finish. This philosophy therefore goes much further than the construction phase alone. Once the resort is opened, experienced tourism and recreation experts work closely with the hotelier to ensure the highest quality and standards and ensure continuous delivery.

The assets of the White Sands Hotel & Spa at a glance

  • There are 835 luxury accommodations, including duplex and penthouse hotel suites, and a range of beautiful private villas.
  • A choice of six restaurants, as well as a range of bars and the world-famous Gabi Club®.
  • Luxury YHI Spa® experience, as well as a fully equipped fitness centre and water sports centre.
  • Six resort pools, swim-up bars and poolside dining options.
  • Children's facilities, including children's club, playground, baby swimming pools and tennis and beach ball courts.
  • An exclusive part of the hotel with extra luxury and personal services for members.

A unique investment opportunity with unprecedented flexibility

Investing in resort properties in a tropical and safe destination such as the Cape Verde Islands not only yields a high return, but is also an investment in your personal quality of life.

All apartments, rooms, suites and villas are sold on a free and individually registered basis under a separate legal title. So you are the full owner of unencumbered titles. That's why you decide what to do with your piece of paradise, according to what works best for you.

Whether you decide to buy your Cape Verde property for your own use or as an investment to generate additional income through a rental agent on the holiday rental market, the choice is yours. You can also rent out your property in Cape Verde to friends and family, for example, in addition to going on holiday there yourself. It is also possible to leave the rental entirely to the hotelier. Even in that case, it allows for 5 weeks of personal use and guarantees a minimum return of 7% per year.

The different investment options

Not only in the way you want to use your Cape Verde property in the future you enjoy complete freedom and flexibility. There are also many options in terms of investment plans.

In addition to purchasing a full hotel suite, apartment or villa in Cape Verde, you can also opt for our fractional investment plans. You then only buy a percentage of a hotel suite provided for this purpose and you also receive full legal ownership rights over this percentage. And more importantly: on the invested amount you also receive the guaranteed minimum return from the hotelier. In general, the hotelier agrees with you on a return of 18% within 3 years. No bank can copy this! Investments within this plan are possible from as little as €20,000.

With the offset incentive you buy a complete unit, but do not pay for it completely. This plan is put together in such a way that you only need to make a 65% deposit. The full remaining amount is then automatically paid by the guaranteed rental returns within six years. A kind of free loan. After six years, the property is then fully paid off and yours:

Do you have any further questions, or would you like additional information? Feel free to contact us without any commitment!

Investing in overseas property does not have to be complicated. We are here to assist you step by step in your own language.