Cap St. Georges Panoramic Villas in Cyprus

Uninterrupted views, endless luxury

The 'Panoramic villas' enjoy a panoramic and unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea

Property description

These villas in western Cyprus have a contemporary style and are designed with timeless elegance. A gentle slope towards the sea offers spectacular sea views to each villa. Owners can 'experience' the local culture and its history through rich and luxurious materials. From the lower floors to the balconies, local colours and flavours have been incorporated into stone, wood, plants and mosaics. The villas also play with light and shadow and fading edges between indoor and outdoor areas. The opulent living spaces make them feel like part of the spectacular landscape. All villas are maintained by a reputable hotel operator who will also arrange the rental of your villa upon request.

The villas are examples of luxury living. Residents can spend hours dreaming in their private pool or jacuzzi, relaxing in their sauna or enjoying the latest films in their state-of-the-art home theatre. Wine cellars, sculptures and well-equipped sports areas are also important features. All materials are of extremely high quality, from natural stone floors and glass mosaic tiles to hardwood screens and marine-grade aluminium windows.

The Cap St. Georges resort operates much like a private members' club: residents and their guests enjoy exclusive facilities such as the Seashore Clubhouse, bars, restaurants, spa and tennis courts. All villas are fully serviced and drivers, concierges, babysitters, gardeners, maintenance staff and housekeepers are always on hand.

Property details

Property type: detached villa

Number of bedrooms: 3 - 4

Living area: from 250 to 316 m2

Lot size: 602 to 830 m2

Parking: 1

Swimming pool: Private pool

Location details

Beach: right by the sea

Airport: 30 minutes drive

Restaurants: in the resort

New Marina: 7 minutes drive

Price: from €2,500,000 + VAT

Your luxury real estate investment in an oasis of luxury villas with sea views

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