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Vanuatu - wild, rugged and inviting

Vanuatu consists of a chain of 83 islands in the South Pacific between Australia and New Zealand. The country is a former joint protectorate of Great Britain and France and became an independent republic in 1980. The country is self-sufficient and produces its own food, most of which is grown organically. Vanuatu operates as a free market economy and does not levy any income tax.

In general, the island chain is still underdeveloped, but more luxury tourism is expanding rapidly. The main draw for tourists to the country is its unique flora and fauna, as well as geological features, such as one of the most easily accessible active volcanoes in the world! The capital on the island of Efate is called Port Vila and is home to a relatively small population of about 45,000 people out of the country's total population of 292,000 people.

Become a citizen of Vanuatu by investment

The Development Support Program (DSP) has been established by the Government of Vanuatu under the requirements of the Citizenship Act (112) for honorary citizenship. Citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu. Those applying for and receiving Vanuatu citizenship under the Development Fund DSP always have full right to reside in Vanuatu and the passport can be renewed upon expiry.

What must be invested to receive Vanuatu citizenship?

You are in good hands with Belalgarve Consultants. We work with a government authorized agent for the Citizenship by Investment Program. Backed by an experienced team of professionals, we are very knowledgeable about the opportunities for obtaining citizenship in Vanuatu. Clients receive personal and confidential service through our team of citizenship specialists. We are market leaders in this field and tested and proven by our customers.

The main way to obtain citizenship in the country is a non-refundable donation to the National Development Support Program (DSP), regulated by a minimum market sale price.

Minimum Investment

  • $130,000 - Single Applicant
  • $150,000 - Lead Applicant and Spouse
  • $165,000 - Lead Applicant, Spouse and One Dependent
  • $180,000 - Lead applicant, spouse and two dependents
  • $15,000 - each additional dependent

Due Diligence Costs

  • $5,000 - Per Request

Other applicable charges

  • Cost of oath ceremony
  • Passport delivery costs
  • Brokerage fees

The Benefits of Becoming a Citizen of Vanuatu

✓ Travel visa-free to more than 130+ countries (EU, UK, HK etc.)

✓ 0% personal tax rate

✓ Confidential and Anonymous Process

✓ Easily Obtain Driver's License, Tax ID, Proof of Address

✓ Cryptocurrency Friendly

✓ No residency or visiting requirements!

✓ The Fastest processing time of all citizenship programs

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