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Consultants in overseas property sales and property management

We advise on your search for the right destination and the right property under the sun. After purchase, if desired, our experts can manage your second home under the sun on the holiday rental market to generate extra high returns on your investment. Because holiday rentals are especially good in the summer months, you can enjoy your house under the sun all by yourself in the winter months. Real estate under the sun is primarily an investment in quality of life.

Tourism offers a unique opportunity for sustainable investments

Dream tourism destinations offering sustainable growth

Our consultancy firm specialises in the sale of overseas property as an investment opportunity, property management services designed to maximise holiday rental income, as well as operational advisory and support to event management companies and travel organisations. We are active in several tourist destinations such as Cyprus, Cape Verde, Montenegro and Portugal. All our destinations offer a stable government structure, strong growth within the tourism and real estate sector, making them ideal for safe investments under the sun with a high returns.

In many cases, we also manage the real estate assets that our clients have purchased. We strive to maximise the yield of holiday apartments, villas, second homes and even hotels through our holiday rental services.

Our services as consultants cover the entire process, from defining the search criteria, finding and buying real estate to managing your real estate investment after purchase.

Due to our extensive partner network and the numerous holiday homes that we manage, we are also active in advising and supporting event and travel organisations in all our destinations. By working with our customers to find a sustainable and efficient solution, we make destination management for travel organisations and events a success story. Operational efficiency, competitive prices in the purchase of accommodation and transport solutions ensure a unique holiday experience for the end customer.

A safe and secure return on your investment with transparent and affordable entrance fees. That is what we stand for.

Overseas property, a safe investment under the sun

Tourist destinations have an excellent investment climate for real estate

Our decision to focus on successful tourist resorts and destinations was not by chance. Real Estate on the world's tourism hotspots is a market we know intimately, with our team having extensive experience working in the travel and the real estate industry. With excellent accessibility, great tax incentives for foreign investment, warm and sunny climates as well as stable democratic systems with a peaceful population, our choice of destinations offer exactly what an investor is looking for: high returns, security and a bright future.

Whether you are a corporate investor wanting to invest in our resort properties or a retiree looking for a second home under the sun, with the potential to generate extra income through our holiday rental program, we can be your ideal partner in finding what you need, and, in helping to achieve it.

Contact us to find out more about the potential our destinations have to offer!

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Sustainable and award-winning tourist destinations

About the Algarve The Algarve is much more than sunny beaches. This region offers you a wonderful mix of foreign cultural influences and beautiful landscapes. A real holiday paradise for everyone.

About Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, nicknamed the island of love, offers the cleanest sea bathing waters of Europe, romantic beaches and cosmopolitan cities. Cyprus is a truly accessible paradise.

About Portugal A mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine a year and 850 km of the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic make Portugal the ideal destination for your all-year holiday destination. 


About Cape Verde A tropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the coast of West Africa, including 10 islands and 5 small islands. Discover Cape Verde and enjoy the sun, beaches and culture! 

About Montenegro Montenegro, or the country of the black mountains, has, despite its smallness, no fewer than 117 beaches on a coastline of 293 km. Moreover, it is a real paradise for culture and nature lovers.

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