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A beautiful country with an attractive investment climate

Portugal is not only a paradise for retired north-European people

Without a doubt, Portugal offers one of the best quality of life of all European countries. Many people already understood this and this is why large numbers of people, including English, Irish Canadians, Dutch and Germans, already bought their second and sometimes even their first residence here.

Portugal has become true paradise for retired Europeans over time. That is why Portugal is often called the Florida of Europe.

Portugal has signed a treaty with most European countries, which prevents double valuation. This means that if you stay in Portugal for more than 6 months a year, you can be exempt from the taxes that you would have to pay on income in your home country such as your pension.

Portugal offers an outstanding quality of life

But retired Europeans do not just choose Portugal as their second home because of the tax benefits and the relatively low cost of living. Portugal is mainly chosen for the excellent quality of life offered by this country.

Portugal has a very pleasant climate. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream ensures very mild winters and warm, dry summers. From December to February the average temperature varies between 14 and 17ºC. The night temperatures rarely fall below 9ºC. While the capital city of Lisbon offers around 220 days of sunshine per year, there are more than 300 on Portugal's southern coast in the Algarve.

Even though the country is not very large, the diversity of landscapes is breathtaking. From the fertile hills in the north to the arid plains of the Alentejo region, or from vast forests and long olive groves to sandy beaches surrounded by spectacular cliffs, Portugal offers it all.

Portugal benefits from a rich historical past and a very hospitable population

Remaining historical locations from the glorious past of Portugal can be found in all parts of the country. Small chapels and large cathedrals and monasteries, castles and archaeological sites with Roman and Moorish remains from the past: the true history and culture lover will visit Portugal time and again.

Visitors often come back to Portugal and this is also due to the hospitable population. The incredible friendliness and courtesy of the Portuguese people are amazing. Even the language barrier will not prevent people from making Portuguese friends quickly. Many Portuguese speak French or English as a second language anyway. In addition, you will feel safe in Portugal: you can walk almost anywhere at any time of the day or night without worrying about safety. Portugal has one of Europe's lowest crime rates and, in addition, there is a high degree of constitutional stability and there have been no violent demonstrations of religious fundamentalism of any origin. It was no surprise for the Portuguese to be indexed as the third most peaceful country in the world (of 153 countries - Global Peace Index 2017).

Portugal has an excellent health and education system

Also ranked at a very high level is the Portugal's health system. Health infrastructures, both public and private, are of excellent quality. The Portuguese social security system is compatible with most other European social security systems and the European Health Card gives you access to the Portuguese health system.

Portugal has international schools in all major cities and the Algarve and luxury shopping centres. Stores of almost every main brand can be found in the larger cities and also the Algarve. Portugal also offers many recreational facilities ranging from national parks with walking centres, highly sought after golf courses, large football stadiums and many cultural centres and events.

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Portugal is considered the economic prodigy of Europe, also due to the tourism industry

Portugal, once labelled as a hidden secret among European holiday destinations, has meanwhile developed into the "place to be" of Europe. In addition to the popularity of Lisbon as a city trip destination, the beautiful city of Porto and the nearby historic university city of Coimbra are also gaining fame. The beautiful silver coast, situated between Coimbra and Lisbon, and the sun-drenched south of the Algarve have been considered top holiday destinations for years. But the Douro-Valley or the Alentejo are also excellent examples of a successful and sustainable strategy in green tourism as well as gastronomic tourism.

It is also because of this sudden international popularity that the government has succeeded in attracting foreign investors through tax benefits, especially in the real estate sector. Fiscal and other benefits of course provide the basis for an attractive investment climate, but the reputation and international popularity really ensure that foreigners are interested in Portugal in the first place.

Throughout the year, both Lisbon and Porto benefit from increasing visitor numbers and the Algarve is also seeing new investment projects in the tourism industry, especially in luxury and experiential tourism.

Portugal has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe, is known for its hospitable and peaceful population and among all southern European countries it has not only emerged as a true prodigy from the financial crisis, but is also one of the fastest growing European economies at the moment.

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