Who we are and what we do

Working on your success

'Belalgarve Consultants | Tourism & Real Estate' is a Portugal based real estate brand and an internationally operating consulting company.

Our expertise as real estate agent mainly focuses on buying, selling and managing real estate with touristic characteristics. We believe in the added value that tourism brings to the real estate market. Our portfolio of real estate properties is therefore always located on emerging or already popular tourist destinations. As a result, our range of houses and apartments under the sun always offers

  • capital growth due to rising real estate prices.
  • an above-average rental yield through holiday letting.
  • quality of life because our customers can enjoy their investment themselves.

If you, as a buyer, do not want or cannot stay permanently in your new home abroad, we also offer all services related to the management of your property under the sun on request. Think of renting out to holidaymakers, receiving guests and of course the maintenance and cleaning of your place under the sun.

A reliable and experienced partner for both individuals and companies

Because we, as international real estate brokers and consultancy company, approach the world of real estate in popular tourist resort areas as broadly as possible, we can offer the right advice and the right solution for private individuals looking for their dream home in the sun, as well as companies and large investors. Our experienced consultants are experts in the following areas:

  • The international real estate market
  • Real estate promotion and marketing
  • Legislation on real estate in the different countries
  • The tourism industry
  • Immigration based on investment and offshore companies

In this way, we can always offer you an all-round solution for your project or investment in real estate or tourism.

An extensive, strong and reliable network of partners

Belalgarve would be nothing without its partners. Over the years, we have managed to build a strong and reliable worldwide partner network. Real estate developers and promoters from all over the world rely on us to market their real estate developments. Lawyers and licensed agencies in the different countries provide us and our clients with the legal support necessary to complete certain purchase procedures or, for example, to apply for nationality or residence permits based on our clients' investment.

Our partners in tourism provide the necessary know-how when it comes to managing an acquired or newly built hotel. Thanks to our partners, we are even able to arouse the interest of the world's largest tour operators in new hotels and tourist attractions within a short time.

Our values

Always at the service of the customer

At Belalgarve we believe in human relationships. We believe in sustainability and transparency. These are therefore the most important keywords of our brand. With every decision we make, the customer comes first. Our customers are the friends of our vision and our brand. At Belalgarve, customers are therefore always treated as friends. 

Always fair and transparent

It is important not only to act as if you always put the customer at the centre of everything. You need to prove it daily. And we do exactly this at Belalgarve. As a professional consultant in real estate and tourism, we demonstrate our reliability on a daily basis through a transparent approach and clear communication. Only honesty creates long-term trust and friendship. At Belalgarve you can count on assistance and reliability as much as clear information at any time.

Working for the client's success

Our goal is to write a success story for our client. The client is at the centre of everything we do and defending the client's interests is our job. For example, we only offer overseas property investment products that we ourselves believe in. Only after extensive analysis of overseas property as an investment and checking for the presence of the correct documentation, do we actually offer these products to our customers. We do not let anyone buy anything or invest in anything if we wouldn't do it ourselves. We work for your success and want to continue to do this in the long term. 

Ethical and socially responsible business in complete sustainability  

Investing in real estate under the sun, as a lifestyle or as a pure investment with high returns, is only interesting if the environment, the region, the country and also the entire world continue to evolve into the right direction. That is why Belalgarve tests all its partners for ethically responsible conduct and sustainable business. We do not do business with partners who do not meet these requirements. At Belalgarve we also work in the most sustainable way. Solar panels for our electricity supply, the prevention of paper use or the prevention of unnecessary trips are a few examples of this. Belalgarve also pays 10% of its profit margin to charities. We do this primarily by supporting social or ecological projects in the countries where we operate, but also outside them. 

Sincerally Yours,

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