Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Invest in this "Nature Island" and get the citizenship

Invest on this "Nature Island"

The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the most breathtaking islands in the Caribbean. The island is nicknamed "Nature Island" because of its pristine natural beauty and because it is an actual hotspot for biodiversity. Whalers, hikers and divers - nature lovers from all over the world flock to Dominica to discover the pristine beauty of this Caribbean jewel.

Dominica has been called one of the world's happiest countries to live in - this quiet and safe island is home to many centurions (people over 100 years old) - a testament to the positive quality of life on this island. Dominica is rapidly growing into a major global financial centre and one of the largest banking centres in the region, with significant investment in expanding the offshore banking sector and administrative framework.

Become a citizen of the beautiful island of Dominica

This highly reputable and lucrative citizenship program has been in existence since 1993 and is legally guaranteed by Dominican law. The Citizenship through Investment Program allows an applicant to obtain full, legal citizenship for himself and his family by making an economic contribution to the country. Your second citizenship may not be revoked, regardless of changes in government policy, and will be passed on to future generations.

How much should you invest to become a citizen of Dominica?

There are two main avenues to obtain citizenship in the country. The first is a non-refundable donation to the government's Economic Diversification Fund and the second is by investing in a government-approved real estate project.

Real estate investment in a government approved project

The Government of Dominica determines which real estate projects meet the established threshold to be designated as approved projects, after which they are eligible to participate in the Investment Program to obtain Dominica Citizenship. An applicant only needs to make the minimum investment below, regardless of the number of dependents included in the application. A real estate acquired under this real estate option can be resold after 5 years after the granting of citizenship.

Minimum investment

  • $200,000 (Regardless of the number of next of kin included in the application)

Donation to the EDF (USD)

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) is a socio-economic development fund established and administered by the government of Dominica. The fund is used to finance the development of projects such as housing, infrastructure, hospitals, schools and any other project required by the government of Dominica by the country and its citizens to improve the quality of life in the country and for its inhabitants.

  • $100,000 - Single Applicant
  • $50,000 - Husband
  • $175,000 - Family of 4 with no siblings of the main applicant or the spouse
  • $50,000 - Brother or sister of the main applicant or spouse aged 18-25
  • $25,000 - Any dependent other than the spouse or sibling of spouse or lead applicant aged 18-25

More information about the investment amounts and also the additional costs for obtaining Dominica citizenship can be found on this page.

The Benefits of Dominica Citizenship

✓ Visa-free travel to over 120 countries (EU, UK, HK etc.)

✓ 0% personal tax rate

✓ Confidential and Anonymous Process

✓ Easy to obtain SSN, tax ID, proof of address and offshore companies

✓ Lifetime Citizenship

✓ No residency or visiting requirements

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