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Immigration by investment

Residency by investment

with the option to apply for citizenship after five years

What does immigration through investment entail?

Immigration, i.e. receiving a residence permit or even the nationality of a country by investing there, is a legal form of migration.

Several countries offer investment programs that grant people and their families a residence permit or even the nationality in exchange for an investment in, for example, real estate.

Due to the globalization of the economy, these investment programs are becoming increasingly popular. Think of a Chinese businessman who wants to do business in Europe, but has to apply for a new visa over and over again. Through an investment program such as the Portuguese Golden Visa, an individual can buy real estate in Portugal or make another investment and obtain a residence permit that allows him to travel and do business throughout Portugal and all over Europe, without having to go through a visa application process over and over again.

The benefits of immigration investment programs

Investment programs for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship have recently made frequent negative headlines. Nevertheless, it is unjustified to generally regard such investment programs negatively. If the selection of potential investors is carefully managed, these programs really only provide benefits for all parties involved.

The investor, who can travel and do business with fewer barriers, or in some cases because of difficulties in his home country, bring himself and his family to safety, is not alone in benefiting from the existence of citizenship or residency through investment programs.

The host country also benefits from attracting new capital and economic growth. Many countries have been able to get their economies back on track after the 2008 financial crisis and stabilize the real estate market thanks to these programs. Think for example of Portugal or Cyprus. In addition, these programs help connect global society more easily.

Investors are using immigration investment to start a new business in their chosen country, to take advantage of greater mobility, better education and job opportunities for their children, or simply to live in a country with more political stability. They see themselves as part of a global community where migration is sustainable and mutually beneficial.

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