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Spain, a popular destination for overseas real estate investments

Spain is a very popular destination for British, American and wordwide property investors who are looking for a pleasant climate, a high standard of living and of course good food. Whether you are thinking of working in one of Spain's largest cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, or retiring on the Spanish coast, you first will need to find a place to live.

Although renting in Spain is certainly an option, many foreigners choose to buy property in Spain. Buying property in Spain is not only attractive for your quality of life, but also an interesting and safe way to invest.

If you are thinking about joining the many foreigners who are already enjoying life in Spain, then you are in good hands with us. Together with our strong Spanish partner network, we help you find the right home for you, assist you throughout the buying process and, if you wish, also arrange the rental and property management after purchase.

Buying property in Spain does not have to be complicated

For EU-nationals, there are no special requirements or paperwork for foreigners wishing to buy property in Spain. In fact, foreign investment in Spanish real estate has always been encouraged by the government.

All you need is a tax number (NIE), which you can get by entering a Spanish police station and showing your passport. You will receive this number immediately. For non-EU citizens only, it may take several weeks to obtain this number.

But non-EU citizens can obtain a permanent residence permit, the so-called Spanish Golden Visa, with a property purchase of at least €500,000.

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