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Didn't find what you're looking for? No worries! As independent and Portugal-licensed (AMI 18883) real estate consultants, we have also been active in Cape Verde for years, working together with the largest real estate providers and real estate developers in Cape Verde. In this way, we can always offer you exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us and let us know your search criteria or fill out our search form. We will be happy to get be back to you with a selection of properties that exactly suit your needs!

Cape Verde offers a unique opportunity for secure property investments

Invest in real estate in Cape Verde and benefit from a strong growth of your capital supported by increasing tourism

Choose our affordable high quality properties and benefit from our unparalleled experience and reputation for offering insured and proven investment properties.

Our construction partners specialize in building luxury hotels and holiday villages with direct access to the beach. Cape Verde has recently developed into one of the world's fastest emerging real estate hotspots. These islands actually deliver all the criteria required for a sustainable and profitable investment in touristic real estate.

All our projects are finished to the highest quality, and we partner with world renowned hotel operators to ensure the best customer experience.

Investing in resort properties in Cape Verde is a safe investment opportunity

Because of the safety that real estate offers as an investment, and the different ways in which our properties provide a return on your initial investment, with our products you choose a secure and even an insured way to get a better return on your money.

Buying property abroad doesn't have to be complicated, and we'll make sure you are supported every step of the way. Contact us without obligation, and our real estate experts will help you find the right investment for your portfolio. Even after purchase, the process is very simple: you choose from three available rental options and immediately begin to see how the return on your long-term investment is deposited into your account.

The fact that our investment model delivers guaranteed returns has already been proven. Our strategic partners and agreements with the most renowned hotel and tour operators ensure that tourism is growing stronger and our resort and hotel complexes enjoy excellent year-round occupancy. We are therefore your ideal partner if you want to invest in real estate. Thanks to our integrated approach, we continue to support Cape Verde tourism, which in turn means that we can provide you with an assured return.

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