Cyprus Residency by Investment: Unlocking Opportunities

Embrace the Cyprus Golden Visa for a Brighter Future

Welcome to the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program

Explore the Cyprus Golden Visa Program, your pathway to residency and potential citizenship in a land of Mediterranean allure. Offering investors and families a life of high standards within the European Union, this program not only grants residency through diverse investments but also paves the way for citizenship after five years of permanent residency. Embrace this opportunity to connect with Cyprus's dynamic economy and strategic location, unfolding a future of possibilities and security in the heart of the Mediterranean. 

Cyprus Permanent Residency: Eligibility Criteria

Key Requirements for Residency and Citizenship in Cyprus

Achieving Cyprus Residency by Investment, commonly referred to as the Cyprus Golden Visa, necessitates meeting specific eligibility criteria. Applicants must satisfy a set of prerequisites to qualify for this distinguished program, ensuring a credible and transparent route to residency and potential citizenship. Here, we outline the fundamental eligibility criteria in a distinctive format:

  • Property Investment: To qualify, applicants are required to acquire a residential property in Cyprus for a minimum value of €300,000 (exclusive of VAT, which may be either 5 percent or 19 percent, if applicable). An initial payment of at least €200,000 is obligatory. Although physical presence during the purchase is not mandatory, it can be facilitated by a legal representative.

  • Permanent Residency Application: The process for permanent residency applications, encompassing the compilation and submission of all requisite legal documentation, must be executed through the Civil Registry and Migration Department. Our proficient legal experts can provide comprehensive assistance throughout this process via a Power of Attorney.

  • Prompt Approval: Eligible applicants can anticipate the issuance of their Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit within two months of application submission.

  • Physical Presence: Successful candidates are required to visit Cyprus within one year of receiving the Permanent Residency Permit. This visit includes biometric data collection for the issuance of the Permanent Residency (PR) card. Subsequently, visits are obligatory every two years to maintain the permit's validity.

Additional Financial Criteria & Qualifications:

  • Fixed Deposit Account: Maintain a three-year fixed deposit account with a Cyprus bank, involving a minimum deposit of €30,000. The funds for this account should originate from sources outside Cyprus.

  • Annual Income Validation: Demonstrate a secure annual income of at least €30,000 earned abroad. This amount escalates by €5,000 for each dependent included in the application and €8,000 for each parent of the primary applicant and/or spouse.

  • Further Requirements: In addition to fulfilling the previously mentioned financial prerequisites, applicants, along with their spouse, parents, and dependents if applicable, must adhere to the following conditions:

    • Uphold a clean criminal record.
    • Declare their intention not to seek employment in Cyprus (although Permanent Residency Permit holders are allowed to own a Cyprus company and receive dividends from its profits).
    • Confirm the possession of a secure annual income from abroad.
    • Ensure that the applicant's name is not listed among individuals whose property has been subjected to freezing by the EU.

Eligible Participants in the Permanent Residency Permit Application:

  • The granted Permanent Residency Permit extends to the holder, their spouse, and children up to the age of 17.
  • It also encompasses the main applicant's and/or spouse's parents.
  • Adult children between 18 and up to (and including) 24 years old, who are enrolled students, can be included in a Permanent Residency Permit application.
  • Married children of Permanent Residency Permit applicants between the ages of 18 and up to (and including) 24 years old, who are students, can also participate in their parents' application.

Cyprus Fast-Track Permanent Residency  Investment Options

Investment Avenues for Cyprus Golden Visa (Accelerated Permanent Residency Program)

Discover a world of possibilities with the Cyprus Golden Visa and Accelerated Permanent Residency programs. Your journey to a brighter future in Cyprus begins here, where you have a choice of exciting investment avenues. Whether you dream of owning residential real estate, expanding your business, or becoming a part of the local corporate landscape, Cyprus offers you diverse opportunities. Explore the investment options below and take the next step toward your dreams.

Residential Real Estate Investment

  • Embark on your journey in Cyprus by committing to a minimum investment of €300,000 (plus VAT) in brand-new residential properties. Not only are you laying the foundation for your future in Cyprus, but you're also contributing to the growth of the local housing market.

Commercial Property Acquisition

  • With a €300,000 (plus VAT) investment, seize the opportunity to acquire up to two new or pre-owned non-residential properties, such as commercial spaces. This investment avenue allows you to expand your business footprint and actively support economic development.

Corporate Investment

  • Invest €300,000 in the share capital of a Cypriot-registered and operational company, ensuring it employs a minimum of five individuals. This option empowers you to have a significant impact on the local corporate landscape, fostering innovation and growth.

Investment Funds

  • Allocate €300,000 to collective investments under the Cyprus Investment Funds Association, including AIF, AIFLNP, and RAIF. This grants you access to diversified investment portfolios managed by seasoned professionals, providing valuable opportunities for growth and financial stability.

Each investment avenue serves a dual purpose: driving economic expansion in Cyprus and offering investors a range of promising opportunities. Select your preferred investment strategy and take the next significant step toward realizing your aspirations in Cyprus.

Reaping the Rewards of Cyprus Permanent Residency

Unlocking a World of Benefits and Opportunities

Cyprus Permanent Residency is your gateway to a host of exceptional benefits and opportunities. As a Cyprus Permanent Resident, you'll experience a world of advantages that enhance your life and open doors to new horizons. Here are some of the key benefits that await you:

  • Visa-Free Travel: Enjoy visa-free access to numerous countries worldwide, granting you the freedom to explore and travel at your convenience.

  • Residency for the Whole Family: Your Cyprus Permanent Residency covers not only you but also your spouse, children up to 25 years old, as well as your parents.

  • High Quality of Life: Relish the Mediterranean lifestyle with Cyprus' stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. Experience a relaxed and enjoyable life in this welcoming environment.

  • Investment Opportunities: Diversify your investment portfolio in Cyprus, a growing and dynamic economy offering various investment options.

  • Education and Healthcare: Access top-quality education and healthcare facilities for you and your family, ensuring peace of mind and well-rounded development.

  • Real Estate Opportunities: Explore the flourishing Cyprus real estate market and invest in properties that hold both personal and financial value.

  • Tax Advantages: Cyprus offers an attractive tax environment, including no inheritance tax and favorable income tax rates for residents.

  • Business Expansion: As a Cyprus Permanent Resident, you can extend your business ventures and tap into the thriving Cypriot economy.

  • EU Membership: Cyprus is a member of the European Union (EU), granting you access to EU benefits and opportunities.

  • Security and Stability: Enjoy the safety and stability of Cyprus, making it an ideal location to call home.

Cyprus Permanent Residency is more than just a status; it's a ticket to an enhanced and enriched life. Embrace the advantages of permanent residency in Cyprus and embark on a journey filled with possibilities. Your dream life awaits on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Path to Permanent Residency in Cyprus

Your Journey to Cyprus Residence

Embarking on the path to permanent residency in Cyprus through investment is a well-structured and streamlined process. At Belalgarve Consultants, we are committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Cyprus. Here's a Cyprus-specific overview of the application journey:

1. Property Selection: Your journey begins by selecting an eligible property in Cyprus. The minimum investment requirement is €300,000 (excluding VAT), and an initial payment of at least €200,000 is needed. Our legal representatives can assist with the purchase process.

2. Document Preparation: Our team assists you in gathering and verifying all necessary documents for your application, including property-related paperwork.

3. Application Submission: We meticulously prepare and submit your application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Cyprus regulations.

4. Investment Conditions: Upon meeting the relevant investment conditions, you will receive your Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit within two months of submitting your application.

5. Cyprus Visit: Successful applicants must visit Cyprus within one year of receiving the Permanent Residency Permit to receive their permit card and have biometrics taken.

6. Biennial Visits: Afterward, visits to Cyprus are required every two years to maintain your permanent residency status.

7. Financial Criteria: To qualify, you must maintain a three-year fixed deposit account with a Cyprus bank for at least €30,000, sourced from outside Cyprus. Additionally, you must demonstrate a secured annual income of at least €30,000 earned abroad.

8. Additional Conditions: In addition to financial requirements, applicants, their spouses, parents, and dependents must meet certain conditions, including a clean criminal record and a commitment not to work in Cyprus.

9. Family Inclusion: The granted Permanent Residency Permit covers the main applicant, their spouse, children up to age 17, adult children up to 24 (if students), and married children aged 18 to 24 (if students).

10. Cyprus Permanent Residency: Upon successful completion of the process, you'll become a permanent resident in Cyprus, enjoying a high quality of life and valuable opportunities.

Belalgarve Consultants is your trusted partner throughout this journey, providing guidance, expertise, and support at every step. Your path to permanent residency in Cyprus begins with us, and we are dedicated to making it a seamless and successful experience, tailored to the Cyprus Residence by Investment Program.

Cyprus Golden Visa: Legal and Financial Compliance

Ensuring a Legitimate Path to Permanent Residency

Embarking on the journey to permanent residency in Cyprus through investment requires meticulous attention to legal compliance and a clear understanding of the associated costs. At Belalgarve Consultants, we emphasize the significance of adhering to Cyprus' legal framework while guiding you through the application process. In this section, we provide essential information regarding legal compliance and financial aspects, aligning your path to permanent residency with the regulations set forth by the government of Cyprus. Our commitment to transparency and compliance ensures that your journey is both secure and law-abiding.

Legal and Compliance

At Belalgarve Consultants, we prioritize legal and regulatory compliance throughout the Cyprus permanent residency application process. Our team of legal experts diligently ensures that every facet of your application aligns with Cyprus' legal requirements, guaranteeing a legitimate and smooth journey to permanent residency. We navigate the complexities of the process on your behalf, ensuring that your application complies with government mandates and maintains the highest level of transparency. Rest assured, your investment and journey to permanent residency will uphold the law and adhere to the highest standards of legality and transparency.

Cost and Fees

Understanding the costs and fees associated with obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus is crucial for a well-informed investment decision. The following are the typical expenses you should consider:

Investment Amount

  • To qualify for permanent residency, a minimum investment of €300,000 (plus VAT) is required. This investment can take various forms, including residential real estate, commercial property, corporate investment, or investment funds allocation. Each path involves a minimum investment of €300,000 (plus VAT).

Due Diligence Fees

  • As part of the application process, due diligence fees are incurred for background checks and assessments. These fees vary based on individual circumstances and are essential to ensure applicants meet the necessary criteria for permanent residency. For a single applicant, this fee usually is €15.000.

Government Processing Fees

  • The government charges processing fees for reviewing and approving permanent residency applications. These fees can differ depending on the chosen investment path and the number of family members included in the application. It's essential to consult with our experts for the most up-to-date information on government processing fees. For a standard investment path, this fee is usually €500 per applicant.

Legal and Consulting Fees

  • Engaging a consultancy firm like Belalgarve Consultants involves professional fees for legal and consultation services throughout the application process. The complexity of your application and the level of support required may affect these fees. The lawyer fees usually amount to 1% of the investment.

Additional Costs

  • Additional expenses may include document gathering, translation services, and any other specific requirements associated with your chosen investment path. The exact costs can vary based on individual circumstances and needs.

It's important to note that fees and costs are subject to change and updates by the government of Cyprus. We recommend consulting with our experts for the most current and detailed information regarding the specific costs and fees applicable to your unique situation. We are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive guidance on all financial aspects of your journey to permanent residency in Cyprus. Feel free to reach out to us for a free quotation.

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