Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Spice up your life with the Grenada citizenship

Spice up your life

Grenada is a small, independent island nation in the Caribbean. The country is part of the British Commonwealth and as such recognizes Queen Elizabeth as head of state. The country is a member of a larger regional grouping, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), which forms a common currency and trading group. The island is best known for its luxury hotels and world-famous spices.

Grenada offers its residents and visitors white sand beaches, lush tropical jungles and crystal clear waters. The island is truly a gem in the Caribbean, with a storied history of colonialism and revolution. Grenada is also made up of several small islands that surround the main island, leaving plenty to explore!

Become a citizen of Grenada by investment

The Investment-Based Citizenship Program was reintroduced in 2013 and has its legal bases in the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, No. 15 of 2013, along with several amendments to the law and supporting regulations. The primary goal of the program is to facilitate the attainment of Grenada permanent residence and citizenship, primarily through contributions to a national government transformation fund or by investing in approved real estate projects.

Investors will be given the opportunity to apply for themselves and their family members to become lifelong citizens of Grenada in accordance with legal requirements. Family members include the spouse of the main applicant, children under the age of 30, children of all ages with a physical or mental disability and parents and grandparents of all ages.

How much should you invest to become a citizen of Grenada?

There are two main avenues to obtain citizenship in the country. The first is a non-refundable donation to the government - National Transformation Fund (NTF) and the second is by investing in a government-approved real estate project.

Real estate investment in a government approved project

The government determines which real estate projects meet the established threshold to qualify as approved projects, after which they are eligible to participate in the program. With the increasing demand for tourist accommodation in Grenada, the majority of approved projects are hotel resorts and villas. This bodes extremely well for the investor in the program's real estate options, as the investment delivers excellent returns. A property acquired under this option can be resold 5 years after the granting of citizenship.

  • $220,000 (regardless of the number of dependents included in the application)

Donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Established in 2013, the National Transformation Fund (NTF) aims to provide support to various sectors of the economy, in particular tourism, agriculture and alternative energy. Donations to the NTF facilitate the transformation of Grenada's economy into a more self-reliant and resilient economy.

  • $150,000 - Single Applicant
  • $200,000 - Main applicant and up to three dependents
  • $25,000 - Each additional dependent
  • $75,000 - Each eligible sibling (in addition to the regular family size donation amount)
  • $50,000 - Any parent under age 55 (in addition to the regular family size donation amount)

More information about these and all additional costs for applying for a citizen of Grenada can be found on this page.

The Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

✓ Visa-free travel to over 115 countries (EU, UK, China etc.)

✓ 0% personal tax rate for non-residents

✓ Confidential and Anonymous Process

✓ Easy to obtain SSN, tax ID, proof of address and offshore companies

✓ USA E2 Visa Convention

✓ Medical University Options for Kids

✓ No residency or visiting requirements!

✓ Ability to add siblings

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