Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

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Program Overview: Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship 

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is an esteemed initiative allowing individuals and families worldwide to obtain citizenship through investment. This program is designed to provide a straightforward and efficient pathway to citizenship, appealing to investors seeking global mobility and financial diversification. The unique aspect of this program is its combination of a relatively quick processing time and the inclusion of family members in the application. Investors can choose from several investment options, including real estate, contributions to the National Development Fund, or business investment. The program not only offers the benefit of visa-free travel to numerous countries but also provides a politically stable and economically resilient environment, making it a desirable choice for those looking to expand their global footprint.

Eligibility Criteria for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

Qualifying for Citizenship through Investment in Antigua & Barbuda

Embarking on the journey to Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship through investment starts with understanding the eligibility criteria. As a prospective applicant, you need to be at least 18 years of age. The program offers diverse investment paths, including contributions to the National Development Fund, engaging in real estate projects, or investing in approved businesses, each with distinct financial commitments.

A key part of the process involves a comprehensive background check. This vital step ensures your impeccable character and legal standing, a cornerstone for gaining the trust of Antigua & Barbuda. Your overall health also plays a part, as good health is a prerequisite. Applicants are required to submit completed Government application forms together with supporting documents which are based on the particulars of both the Principal Applicant and his or her dependents. Contact Belalgarve Consultants for a personalized list of required documents.

Embrace the opportunity to include your family in this new chapter, as the program accommodates family members under specific guidelines. Eligible family members are:

  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 18 years
  • Children between the ages of 18 – 30 years who are financially dependent on the Principal Applicant
  • Parents and grandparents of the Principal Applicant or his or her spouse who are over 55 years of age and who are living with and financially dependent on the Principal Applicant
  • Unmarried Sibling of the Principal Applicant or his or her Spouse

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program is not just about investment; it's about opening doors to a world of opportunities. It's a pathway to global freedom, offering you and your loved ones a chance to be part of a vibrant community and enjoy the privileges of a new citizenship. The applicants will receive their new passport within 4 to 6 months. Successful applicants are required to visit the island for at least 5 days within the first 5 years of being a citizen.


A person who falls into any one of the following categories will be deemed ineligible for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship:

  • Has misrepresented the information on his or her application.
  • Is of ill health which means having a contagious disease or major health problems.
  • Has been convicted of a criminal offence that carries a maximum period of imprisonment of over 6 months or is under criminal investigation.
  • Is a potential risk to the national security of Antigua and Barbuda or may bring the country into dispute.
  • Has been denied a visa to a country with which Antigua and Barbuda has visa-free travel and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to the country that issued the denial.

Investment Options for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

Choose the Best Route to Your Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship program offers several investment options for candidates seeking citizenship through investment. Each option comes with specific financial requirements, allowing you to choose the route that best aligns with your goals and financial capabilities.

Contribution to the National Development Fund

One of the most straightforward options is to make a contribution to the National Development Fund. This fund is used to finance development projects in Antigua and Barbuda, including infrastructure, education, and healthcare. The financial requirements vary depending on the number of family members included in the application:

  • USD 100,000 – Single Applicant or a Family of 4 or less persons.
  • USD 125,000 – Family of 5 or more persons

Real Estate Investment

Another popular option is to invest in government-approved real estate in Antigua and Barbuda. This can include purchasing residential property or participating in approved real estate projects. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda determines which real estate projects meet the established threshold to be designated as approved projects following which they become eligible to participate in the Citizenship by Investment Program. Investment requirements vary based on the property or project's value.

  • USD 200,000 fractional ownership into real-estate which needs to be held for a minimum of 5 years
  • USD 400,000 full ownership into real-estate which needs to be held for a minimum of 5 years

Above amounts are irrespective of the number of dependents that are included in the application.

Business Investment

If you're an entrepreneur, you can choose to invest in government-approved businesses in Antigua and Barbuda. This involves either establishing or participating in companies that contribute to the country's economic growth. Financial and job creation requirements may vary depending on the type of business.

  • USD 1,500,000 – Single Person Investment in an approved Business
  • USD 5,000,000 – Two or More Persons making a joint Investment, with a single investor of these having to contribute at least USD 400,000

Investment in the University of West Indies (UWI) fund

This option allows the client family to invest in the University of the West Indies Fund to obtain citizenship for the entire family. The fund is only open to minimum family sizes of six persons – if there are less than six persons in the family the client must choose one of the other three investment options. This option also entitles one member of the family to a one year tuition only scholarship at the University of the West Indies.

  • USD 150,000 - Family of 6 and USD 15,000 for each additional dependent

Regardless of the chosen option, all applicants must meet eligibility criteria and undergo a rigorous background check. Belalgarve Consultants is here to guide you in selecting the best investment option that aligns with your individual goals and financial resources. We are committed to assisting you at every step of the process, ensuring that your journey towards Antigua & Barbuda citizenship is successful.

Unlocking the Benefits of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

Experience a World of Opportunities and Freedom 

Gaining citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda through the Citizenship by Investment program opens the door to a multitude of benefits and opportunities. As a new citizen, you'll enjoy the advantages of global mobility, enhanced lifestyle options, and access to a vibrant community. Here are some of the key benefits awaiting you:

  1. Visa-Free Travel: Antigua & Barbuda citizens can travel to over 150 countries and territories without the need for a visa. Explore the world with ease and convenience.

  2. Dual Citizenship: You can retain your current citizenship while holding Antigua & Barbuda citizenship, allowing you to enjoy the privileges of multiple nationalities.

  3. Strategic Location: Antigua & Barbuda's strategic location in the Caribbean offers easy access to North, Central, and South America, making it an ideal base for business and travel.

  4. Tax Advantages: Antigua & Barbuda does not impose income, capital gains, inheritance, or wealth taxes. Benefit from a tax-friendly environment.

  5. Quality of Life: Immerse yourself in the Caribbean's natural beauty, with pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and a warm tropical climate. Enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

  6. Investment Opportunities: Invest in a variety of sectors, including real estate, tourism, and agriculture, with the potential for strong returns.

  7. Education and Healthcare: Access high-quality education and healthcare facilities for you and your family.

  8. Strong Passport: Hold one of the most respected passports in the Caribbean, offering you and your family security and peace of mind.

  9. Community and Culture: Become part of a diverse and welcoming community with a rich cultural heritage.

  10. Family Inclusion: The program allows for the inclusion of eligible family members, ensuring that your loved ones can also benefit from this exciting journey.

At Belalgarve Consultants, we are committed to helping you seize these remarkable benefits and guiding you towards a successful citizenship journey. Explore the possibilities and embrace a brighter future with Antigua & Barbuda citizenship.

Navigating the Application Process with Ease

Your Journey to Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Begins Here 

Embarking on the path to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship through investment is a well-structured and streamlined process. At Belalgarve Consultants, we are committed to guiding you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful journey. Here's an overview of the application process:

  1. Consultation: Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with our experts. We take the time to understand your goals, needs, and preferences.

  2. Program Selection: Based on your consultation, we recommend the most suitable program for you, whether it's a contribution to the National Development Fund, real estate investment, business investment, or the University of West Indies fund.

  3. Document Gathering: We assist you in gathering and verifying all necessary documents to support your application.

  4. Application Submission: Our team meticulously prepares and manages your application, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

  5. Background Check: A thorough background check is conducted to ensure your impeccable character and legal standing.

  6. Investment: You make the required investment as per your chosen program.

  7. Processing: The government reviews your application, and processing times may vary depending on your selected program.

  8. Approval: Once approved, you become a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda and receive your new passport.

  9. Settlement: Our services extend beyond approval to help you settle into your new life, whether it's finding a home, connecting with local services, or understanding the culture.

  10. Family Inclusion: We assist in including eligible family members in your application, ensuring they can also enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

  11. Enjoy the Benefits: As a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, you can travel visa-free to over 150 countries, enjoy a favorable tax environment, and embrace a higher quality of life.

Belalgarve Consultants is your trusted partner throughout this journey, providing guidance, expertise, and support at every turn. Your path to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship begins with us, and we are dedicated to making it a seamless and successful experience.

Legal and Financial Compliance

Ensuring a Legitimate and Transparent Journey to Citizenship 

Navigating the path to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship through investment involves not only financial considerations but also a steadfast commitment to legal and regulatory compliance. At Belalgarve Consultants, we recognize the paramount importance of adhering to the law and regulations of Antigua & Barbuda. In this section, we outline the essential details regarding legal and financial compliance, as well as provide insights into the associated costs and fees. Our commitment to transparency and legitimacy ensures that your journey to citizenship is both secure and lawful. 

Legal and Compliance

At Belalgarve Consultants, we prioritize legal and regulatory compliance throughout the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship application process. We ensure that all aspects of your application adhere to the country's laws and regulations, guaranteeing a smooth and legitimate journey to citizenship. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to navigating the complexities of the process, ensuring your application is in full compliance with government requirements. Rest assured, your investment and journey to citizenship will be conducted with the utmost transparency and adherence to the law.

Cost and Fees

The cost and fees associated with obtaining Antigua & Barbuda citizenship through investment can vary based on several factors, including the chosen program and the number of family members included in the application. It's essential to consider the following typical expenses:

Investment Amount

The primary cost is the required investment, which depends on the program chosen. This may include a contribution to the National Development Fund, a real estate investment, a business investment, or the University of West Indies fund.

  • See section further up on this page for the different investment options

Due Diligence Fees

There are fees associated with the due diligence process, including background checks and vetting to ensure applicants meet the necessary criteria.

  • USD 7,500 – Principal Applicant
  • USD 7,500 – Spouse
  • USD 4,000 – Parent 58 years and over
  • USD 4,000 – Dependent 18+ years
  • USD 2,000 – Dependent 12-17 years

Government Processing Fees

The government charges processing fees for reviewing and approving citizenship applications. These fees can vary depending on the program selected.

  • USD 30,000 – Up to family of 4
  • USD 150,000 – Family of 5 or more
  • USD 15,000 Each Additional Dependent

Note: these fees are not applicable to the Investment in the University of West Indies (UWI) fund option. For the donation to the National Development Fund, this fee is not applicable, and the government processing fees are USD 250 per person in the application. 

Legal and Consulting Fees

Engaging a consultancy firm like Belalgarve Consultants involves professional fees for legal and consultation services throughout the application process.

  • USD 2,500 - Consulting Fee, per application
  • USD 25,000 - Professional and legal services by the accredited and approved program agents, per application

Additional Costs

Additional expenses may include document gathering, translation services, and any other specific requirements associated with your chosen program.

  • Depends on your personal circumstances, but usually around USD 3,000

It's important to note that fees and costs may change over time and are subject to updates by the government of Antigua & Barbuda. We recommend consulting with our experts for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding the specific costs and fees applicable to your unique situation. We are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive guidance on all financial aspects of your journey to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship. You can always ask us for a free quotation.

Planning for Success: Post-Investment Considerations

Once you've successfully embarked on the path to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship through investment, there are several important considerations to keep in mind as you move forward. At Belalgarve Consultants, we're committed to supporting you not only during the application process but also in the post-investment phase. Here, we'll outline key factors to consider, ensuring that your journey towards citizenship remains smooth and fulfilling.

  • Residency Requirements: Depending on your chosen investment program, you may have specific residency requirements to fulfill. Understanding and meeting these requirements is crucial to maintaining your eligibility for citizenship.

  • Tax Planning: Antigua & Barbuda offers a favorable tax environment for its citizens. Exploring tax planning strategies can help you optimize your financial situation while enjoying the benefits of citizenship.

  • Property Management: If you've invested in real estate, proper property management is essential. We can assist you in finding reliable property management services to maintain and potentially enhance the value of your investment.

  • Cultural Integration: Embracing the local culture and community can enhance your experience as a citizen. We can connect you with resources to help you settle in and fully immerse yourself in Antigua & Barbuda's rich heritage.

  • Travel Opportunities: As an Antigua & Barbuda citizen, you'll have visa-free access to over 150 countries. We can provide guidance on making the most of these travel opportunities.

  • Family Matters: If you've included eligible family members in your application, we'll continue to support their integration and ensure they enjoy the privileges of citizenship.

Your journey towards Antigua & Barbuda citizenship doesn't end with the investment; it's just the beginning of a new chapter. We're here to assist you in navigating the post-investment phase, making sure you make the most of your newfound citizenship and all the opportunities it brings.

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