At the crossroads of 3 continents

The eternal love for Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite

Cyprus is at the crossroads of three continents, where east and west meet and the sun welcomes you almost every day. Cyprus has been able to safeguard its own culture, but has also become surprisingly mundane and cosmopolitan in recent years. Championship golf courses, inviting beaches and breathtaking mountain trails and luxury hotels offer a mix that cannot be found in just any destination on the Mediterranean.

Cyprus and its landscape are blessed by beautiful nature

The beautiful countryside of Cyprus, blessed by natural beauty, unfolds along glittering coastlines, rolling mountains, fragrant forests and rugged peninsulas. From the warm coastal regions to the cool oasis of the Troodos Mountains, culture and nature lovers alike can enjoy ancient remnants of different cultures and a unique flora and fauna amidst waterfalls, azure coves, forests and secluded sandy beaches. Since the island is on the migration path between Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus is also a well-known destination for bird watchers. And with a little luck, deep in the woods, you will also encounter the Cypriot national animal: the mouflon, a wild but very timid sheep.

In the warm Mediterranean waters you can see seals and dolphins swimming. From beautiful sunrise to breathtaking sunset, the natural allure of Cyprus is both magnificent and inspiring ... all waiting to be discovered.

The beautiful beaches of this sun-drenched island offer something for everyone

In Cyprus, you can enjoy endless views of the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean for most of the year.

Cyprus offers everything for beach and water lovers. Secluded bays with beaches where you can walk around or soak up the sun almost by yourself even in high season, and also lively seaside resorts with resort hotels and sandy beaches that offer numerous leisure and water sports options. It is therefore no surprise that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was also born in Cyprus from the foam of the seawater.

And the sea offers so much more than just lounging on the beautiful sandy beaches of Cyprus. Think of the boats bobbing around the scenic piers or the luxurious marinas of Cyprus. Or try the 'catch of the day' during a delicious dinner by the water. And the ideal wind and water conditions in Cyprus provide endless opportunities for sports such as windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing. Under the water, Cyprus is inviting with a world-class diving paradise.

Cyprus is a truly historical open-air museum

Cyprus is a small island with a long history and a rich culture that goes back 10,000 years. Cyprus is one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean. Located at the crossroads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - this island's unique geographic location has played an important role in Cyprus' turbulent history. The prehistoric inhabitants were joined 3,500 years ago by the Mycenaean Greeks, who introduced and established their civilization as well as the island's Greek roots. Many other cultures followed, including Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans, and Britons, all of which left visible remnants of their passage, creating a mosaic of different cultures and periods.

This has turned Cyprus into a true open-air museum of prehistoric settlements, classical Greek temples, Roman theaters and villas, early Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, Crusader castles, Gothic cathedrals, Venetian fortifications, Islamic mosques and British colonial-style buildings. It is therefore not surprising that there many historical sights in Cyprus are also listed on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Cyprus is a popular holiday destination all year round

Cyprus is a modern country with a strategic geographical position. It lies at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, and therefore offers unrivalled access and travel options. With its excellent flight connections and first-class airports, the island is perfectly placed for work and travel within and outside the European Union. Cyprus has a rich heritage and a varied culture, offers beautiful beaches with the cleanest bathing water in Europe, fresh air, a wonderful Mediterranean climate and cosmopolitan cities with an abundance of amenities. The island offers a low cost of living but a high standard of living and is a popular year-round destination for Europeans looking for a beach, golf or cultural holiday.

The tourism industry in Cyprus has also remained on both feet during the financial crisis

The tourism industry in Cyprus is one of the largest economic motors of the island has experienced significant growth. It is not difficult to understand where the appeal of Cyprus is for the many holidaymakers: the weather is beautiful, the cost of living is relatively low and although Greek is the official language, English is widely spoken in Cyprus. But while many Mediterranean destinations focus the strategy for their tourism sector on 'sun and sea', the Cypriot government has quickly understood that focusing solely on sunny bays is causing a heavy seasonal nature of the tourism industry. And to ensure a more even distribution of the influx of tourism throughout the year is the basis of a sustainable build-up of the future of every tourist destination.

The high season for tourists in Cyprus is the six-month period from May to October. Of course, attracting tourists during the winter months remains a challenge. The government has extended the tourist season in Cyprus by two months to cover the shoulder months of December and March. As golf resorts have different seasonal patterns and golfers prefer the cooler winter, the government has introduced an incentive scheme that aims to speed up the construction of golf courses and associated resorts.

With tax benefits, Cyprus is also trying to attract more and more retired northern Europeans who want to stay here in the winter or even buy property to spend their winter in Cyprus, and have their property generate income on the rental market during the summer.

But sun, sea and beach will also attract the majority of holidaymakers to Cyprus in the future. The famous beaches of Cyprus have been awarded 53 blue flags, giving Cyprus the most blue flags per capita.

As a crossroads of several cultures over the centuries, Cyprus also has a lot to offer in terms of cultural, historical and archaeological heritage, and these sites are usually only a few kilometres away from the beautiful beaches and award-winning resorts of Cyprus.

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