Welcome to Douliana Village

Where Class Meets Architectural Elegance

Discover the Charm of Douliana Village in Apokoronas, Crete

Experience the unique fusion of tradition and luxury at Douliana Village, nestled in the heart of Crete's stunning landscapes.

A Blend of Traditional Cretan Style and Modern Comfort

Douliana Village stands as a perfect example of how traditional Cretan architecture can be harmoniously blended with contemporary comforts. Set in Apokoronas, one of Crete's most picturesque regions, this development offers homes that are both timeless and modern. 

An Idyllic Setting for a Dream Home

The homes in Douliana Village offer more than just accommodation; they provide a lifestyle deeply rooted in the tranquility and beauty of Crete. The development is a peaceful haven, designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, reflecting the essence of traditional Cretan village life. 

Luxurious Homes in a Pristine Environment

Douliana Village is a celebration of nature and sophistication, offering residences that embody the spirit of Crete.

Embrace the Serenity of Crete

At Douliana Village, the calm and beauty of Crete are not just outside your door, but an integral part of your living experience. The development takes pride in its setting, surrounded by nature, offering a peaceful lifestyle amidst stunning landscapes. 

Exquisite Residences with Cretan Character

Each residence at Douliana Village is a unique masterpiece, blending local architectural elements with modern amenities. The homes are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that each one offers a living experience that is both authentic and luxurious. 

Creating Timeless Memories in Crete

Living in Douliana Village means creating a lifetime of memories in a land renowned for its beauty and heritage. The development invites you to indulge in the Cretan way of life, surrounded by the natural beauty and culture of this magnificent region. 

Your Perfect Retreat in Apokoronas

Douliana Village is ideally positioned to offer the best of Cretan life, balancing seclusion with accessibility.

A Location Like No Other

The strategic location of Douliana Village in Apokoronas allows for an escape to tranquility while still being conveniently close to urban centers. The development offers easy access to the cultural and historical richness of Crete, making it a sought-after location for those who desire both peace and connectivity.

A Community of Elegance and Tradition

Being part of Douliana Village means joining a community that values tradition, elegance, and a high quality of life. The development not only offers luxury homes but also a lifestyle steeped in the rich culture and history of Crete. 

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