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Hotel investments are on the rise worldwide and are known as safe investments with a high return. Investors can choose to have passive income only or be directly involved in the operation of the hotel.

On this page you will find several investment opportunities in hotels. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your search and investment criteria. In addition to the investment opportunities listed below, we also have various 'off-market' deals available. In other words, hotel purchases that are not negotiated on the public market.

We work closely with well-known hotel brands and travel organisations, so that we can help you with the marketing of your hotel within the tourism industry even after purchase.

Institutional investors

Our many years of expertise in the real estate sector and our collaboration with well-known institutional players have given us a clear understanding of the needs and investment requirements of institutional investors. We have developed an in-depth practical understanding of the internal decision-making processes within major funds. This insight enables us to provide clients with tailored services and ensure that their investment goals can be achieved.

We specialize in off-market transactions in tourism real estate markets with a particular focus on investments in Portugal, Cape Verde and Cyprus. We know how to find attractive off-market real estate and offer it at optimal prices before these assets are released to the public market.

Selection of hotel management companies

Belalgarve Consultants is an established provider of brokerage services for investors seeking to acquire hotels, as well as assisting clients in the search and selection of hotels. If you are looking for a hotel operator to run an existing or planned hotel, we can help you select a suitable operator.

Belalgarve is connected to strong hotel brands in Europe, the US, South America and the Middle East, who together manage hundreds of hotels.

Consulting and advisory services for the tourism industry

Our experienced team of consultants help our clients make sound investment decisions.

We know how to tailor tourist property searches to the needs of our clients. Our excellent knowledge of the tourism industry and the tourism real estate markets helps us find robust real estate investments in good locations.

Our goal is to provide investment opportunities and, if necessary, manage them on behalf of our client. Our advisory services offer a full range of services for buyers and investors.

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