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We maximize the income of your holiday rental property 

We take care of your holiday home 

Successful property management services are based on trust between the property manager and the owner. As a property owner in need of property management services, you may not always be close to the property you are renting out on the holiday rental market. Or maybe you are too busy to take care of the property yourself. You may also lack the know-how to successfully market your property on the holiday rental market, or simply do not have the time to manage the reservations and inquiries that come in.

If any of the above is applicable to you, then you should take advantage of our property management services.

Property management you can trust 

At Belalgarve, we take property management and the success of your rental property very seriously. We are not a real estate agency looking for a quick and easy way to find additional sources of income. We are specialists in the field of tourism and hospitality, and we believe in a sustainable approach to managing your property. Transparency in what we do, wherever you are, and putting the success of your property ahead of our own income are both key pillars of our approach.

The key to your property's success: our unique fluid pricing system

Sustainable property management is not about generating maximum commission, but about placing your property on the holiday rental market as a reliable, quality place for an unforgettable holiday. Successful property management therefore maximizes the occupancy rates of your property and ensures that a maximum number of those bookings or their family and friends will want to return to your holiday rental in the future. Property management is about you as the owner and your customers as the holidaymaker, not the property manager's commission. That's why we've developed a unique marketing technique that ensures our approach is the most sustainable approach for your property:

  • A guaranteed net rental price is agreed with the property owner in advance The net rental prices are agreed in advance with the property owner and paid for each rental as agreed and without deduction.
  • Our service-fee is added to the agreed net rate We add our flexible service-fee on top of the rental price agreed with the owner. This allows us to adjust the rental price of your property on a daily basis, according to the market's needs, without having to wait for the owner's approval (who will receive the agreed net rental price in any case).
  • We optimize the rental rates through our fluid pricing approach By adjusting our service fee, we can react quickly to the market and lower or raise the rental rate to achieve the best possible occupancy rate for your property.

Choose what you need

Choose the building blocks that best suit you. Would you like to rent out your apartment all year round, or just part of the year? Do you only want to use our booking and marketing service? Or do you also need maintenance and cleaning for your property? With our building block system, you are always in control.

Holiday Rental BASE Package

Included in the booking service fee - no extra cost

  • Market analysis We analyse and propose the best rental price for your property for each booking season. 
  • Booking platforms We publish your property on & AirBnB. We check the market on a regular basis and update the prices if needed according to our fluid-pricing-system.
  • Social Media promotion We promote your property on our Social Media Channels on a regular basis. 
  • Client enquiries Our multilingual staff answers client enquiries and questions prior to a booking 
  • Reservation Management We keep track and manage all of your reservations, making sure you don't have any overbookings, and that vacant periods are promoted. 
  • Client Emergency Phone All clients receive a phone number which they can reach 24h a day, 7 days a week, in case they encounter any problems during their stay 
  • Keyholder We keep and take care of the properties key at a secure place.

Holiday Rental PLUS Package

Includes the BASE package as well as the following items

  • Check-In & Check-Out Assistance We personally assist your clients during the check-in to your property, take the deposit, and return the deposit on check-out after a thorough departure inspection.
  • Letterbox emptying and houseplant watering We make sure your letterbox is emptied, and your houseplants are watered.


  • Properties up to 150 m2: €89 per month + VAT
  • Properties from 150 m2: €150 per month + VAT

Prices only valid for a contract minimum duration of 6 months

Holiday Rental PREMIUM Package

Includes the BASE & PLUS package as well as the following items

  • Property Cleaning We clean your property after each departure, and make sure it's fresh and ready before new guests arrive
  • Property visits and work supervision You need us to check something in your property, take pictures, supervise works or be there to accept a delivery. Just ask us. We will help.


  • Properties up to 150 m2: €368 per month + VAT
  • Properties from 150 m2: €638 per month + VAT

Prices only valid for a contract minimum duration of 6 months

Our key advantages

  • Transparent & trustworthy
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Unique Fluid-Pricing system
  • Made by true tourism professionals
  • Fully licensed real estate agency

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