Discover the beautiful & enchanting island of Boa Vista

A fast growing destination for an unforgettable beach holiday

With excellent beaches and a culture that combines African and Portuguese influences, Boa Vista is now officially on the map as an emerging destination for an unforgettable sun and beach holiday.

Boa Vista is the easternmost island of Cape Verde. Mainly flat with a few mountainous areas, the island is known for its spectacular sand dunes and beautiful beaches. It is the third largest island in Cape Verde and yet the least populated, creating a rustic and undiscovered atmosphere. Sal Rei is the capital and home of the international airport, which opened in 2007. Sal Rei is a perfect example of a traditional Cape Verdean city and while you stroll around the central square of this city, you get a real sense of the fascinating fusion of cultures that Cape Verde offers.

The cobbled streets offer an abundance of cafes, local restaurants and bars, nestled among a charming patchwork of multicolored buildings.

The tourist success of Cape Verde was until recently driven by the increasing number of visitors on the neighboring island of Sal. Boa Vista remained a well-kept secret at that time; a place for the discerning and pioneering tourist.

But it is mainly the 55 kilometers of pristine beaches that ensure that more and more people choose the island of Boa Vista. The Cape Verdean government has dedicated itself to supporting the important tourist development of Boa Vista. As a result, there are already approved plans for new hotels and resorts on the island as well as improvements to the island's infrastructure, such as new roads, improved power supplies and desalination plants.

All this means that Boa Vista is currently developing into one of the world's next hotspots for the travel industry and for overseas property investors. The reasons are very simple: beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine and an increasing number of direct flights from many European cities.

The warm turquoise waters around the varied coastline of Boa Vista are known for a colorful array of tropical marine life. The island is also one of only two existing breeding grounds for humpback whales in the North Atlantic and a refuge for many species of dolphins. A whale and dolphin watching tour is therefore just one of the many enchanting experiences that you can experience in Boa Vista.

The spectacular beach of Santa Monica

Santa Monica is an undiscovered paradise and one of the most exciting beach resorts in the world.

Beach lovers have more than enough choice on Boa Vista. There is a total of more than 55 kilometers of beaches and each beach has its unique charm. Choose from water sports and kite surfing, snorkeling and turtle watching, you will find it all there. Better yet, there is so much space that you can almost always find a place where you can sunbathe privately. However, it is the breathtaking, awesome beach of Santa Monica that is the jewel of the island. It has the purest white sand imaginable and the sheltered location in the southwest makes it ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Santa Monica takes its name from the famous beach in Los Angeles, which it looks like. The namesake on Boa Vista is equally known for its pristine white sand and is considered one of the most promising future tourist developments.

As the island's most important possession, the planned tourism development around Santa Monica Beach will play a key role in the future prosperity of Boa Vista. The project around Santa Monica beach has been fully approved by the Cape Verde government and will be the spectacular location for six new hotel and resort developments. The master plan includes an impressive marina and was developed in collaboration with some of the world's leading hotel brands. This will turn Santa Monica beach into a truly exclusive and unrivaled beach destination, while preserving the island's unique and unexplored southwest beaches. In this way, Boa Vista can meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality hotel accommodation on the island. Boa Vista and also the local population can benefit from the constant growth of tourism and overseas property investors see exceptional investment opportunities.

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