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Discover the irresistible charm of Luštica Bay, a remarkable destination that harmoniously combines culture, heritage and gastronomy. Set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the UNESCO-protected Boka Bay mountains and the Adriatic Sea, this vibrant city invites you to immerse yourself in a world of endless beauty and untapped potential. With a sense of tranquility and connection, Luštica Bay is a destination where captivating experiences await everywhere.

Montenegro is a country of unparalleled beauty and boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The rich history, UNESCO listed sites, pristine beaches and beautiful national parks come together to create a truly magical experience. Explore the enchanting Bay of Kotor, where majestic mountains, ancient stone houses, ancient fortresses, secluded beaches, hiking trails and centuries-old olive groves await. These remarkable treasures make Luštica Bay distinctly unique, offering an extraordinary mix of natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Since its founding in 2008, Luštica Bay has grown into a thriving city that fosters a sense of community and embraces a life well lived. With the prestigious Chedi Hotel, four serene beaches, more than 30 retail spaces, sports fields and a vibrant marina village, every moment is enriched. Explore family-oriented neighborhoods designed for harmonious living. Experience convenience, world-class amenities and the perfect blend of dining and shopping. Luštica Bay ensures that your time is well spent and your lifestyle is improved.

Luštica Bay has grown into a thriving community, designed to meet the changing needs of its residents. With future plans in mind, the city will accommodate 6,000 residents, with more than 3,000 apartments, more than 300 luxury sea view villas and six additional hotels. The 4.9km 'Lungo Mare' coastal path connects the town to the beautiful coastline and offers scenic exploration. The elegant marina will expand to more than 100 berths and offer extensive facilities such as medical centers, financial services, schools and more. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and harmony with nature remains at the core of our ethos.

Luštica Bay is a captivating destination with a variety of vibrant communities, each reflecting a different lifestyle. Enjoy beautiful water views and the lively atmosphere of Marina Village. Experience the dynamic mix of residential and commercial spaces in Centrale, with its lively streets lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and a bustling Piazza. Discover The Peaks, Montenegro's first residential golf district, which offers a unique living opportunity. At Luštica Bay you have the chance to choose the perfect house that suits your preferences and wishes.

Our sustainable architecture tells the raw beauty of Montenegro and is a visual expression of its culture and heritage. Every aspect of the project, which is reflected in all our designs, is deeply rooted in the country and culture to which it belongs. Inspired by Montenegro's abundant tradition, Luštica Bay, with soft-colored stone living spaces punctuated by terracotta tiles and sea-blue wooden shutters, takes a timeless pulse from the peninsula's geography.

The Peaks: Luštica Bay’s most sophisticated neighbourhood

Discover The Peaks: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living in Luštica Bay 

Welcome to The Peaks, the most exclusive neighborhood in the enchanting Luštica Bay, where luxury meets the pristine beauty of Montenegro's Adriatic coast. As the latest addition to this award-winning development, The Peaks stands as a testament to architectural excellence and unparalleled lifestyle offerings. Designed by the legendary Gary Player, the neighborhood is poised to host an exquisite golf course, setting the stage for an unrivaled living experience.

Botanika Residences at The Peaks

At the heart of The Peaks lies the Botanika Residences, a premier collection that represents the zenith of residential luxury. Crafted by internationally acclaimed architects, these residences offer a range of living options, including sophisticated villas, spacious 3-bedroom townhouses, and elegant 1- to 3-bedroom apartments. Each home is designed to maximize the natural light, accentuating the contemporary interiors and bringing the outside beauty into your living space.

Features and Amenities:

  • Villas, Townhouses, and Apartments: Choose from a variety of property types, each offering unique features like hillside sea-view apartments with golf access or exclusive villas with private pools.
  • Natural Elegance: Interiors boast natural materials such as stone and wood, reflecting the authentic Montenegrin architecture, complemented by outdoor pools and sunny terraces.
  • Privacy and Convenience: Enjoy the privacy of your own space with the convenience of nearby amenities for shopping, dining, and sports activities.

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