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Selling a property is a difficult and emotional decision for many people. That is why we take the responsibility to sell your home very seriously. For us, marketing your property is not just adding a product to our portfolio. Every sales process is related to all kinds of personal, emotional and also financial circumstances, which must be taken into account as good as possible. Every sales process is unique and must therefore be approached in an individual way.

In any case, we are convinced that you should ask the help of a professional property agent when selling your property. We do not say this out of self-interest, but from experience. Selling a property on your own, without the help of a real estate agent, may seem like a great way to save some money, but it generally isn't.

The typical agency fees for Portugal of 5% commission + VAT may seem high at first, but in the end they are not. Let us try to explain here why these brokerage fees are worth their money:

Avoid legal problems

If you do not know all the legally required steps and documents to sell a property in Portugal, it is best to work with a recognized real estate agent. A legally recognized property agent in Portugal can be identified by his AMI number. At Belalgarve, this AMI number is for example 18883. A recognized broker knows all legal obligations during a sales process and will always comply with them. Otherwise, he risks losing his licence.

That is why a real estate agent will hardly ever show a house that has not been officially put on the market through a broker or real estate agency. If a real estate agent knows that the seller does not have a professional on his side, he is discouraged by the hassle and risks of closing a deal with an owner selling on his own. These owners are seen by agents as irrational and unrealistic, and many selling agents were already 'burned out' by partnering with a property owner selling on his own.

Brokers take the emotion out of the sales process

Selling a property is often an emotional process. It is generally known that emotions and business do not go well together. By working with a real estate broker you keep your emotions and business at a healthy distance from each other. Of course, a good broker is interested in your emotions and wants to take them into account as much as possible. But because the broker himself has no emotional connection with the real estate object, he also does not bring emotions to the negotiating table.

By cooperating with a broker you also prevent the biggest mistakes that can arise due to an overly emotional approach. Think of offering a house far above market value, or refusing to make a counter offer because the first offer is much lower than what you expected. Or give in too easily and sell the house at a too low price, because you are in a hurry to sell. A broker has the ability to follow the entire sales process without showing any signs of fear or despair.

Without having a real estate agent by your side, you will also face all the rejections and criticisms on the home that you may be so emotionally attached to. During an emotionally difficult process such as the sale of a property, this can be extra painful. A broker can take care of all this for you by not focusing on negative feedback. A real estate agent focuses on all positive aspects of your property and emphasizes their correspondence with what the buyer is looking for.

Successfully selling a home is a full-time job

Can you quit your job and return home when someone wants to visit the property? Can you answer the phone when a potential buyer calls to inquire about the sale? At the end of a long work day, do you have enough energy to think about strategies that make marketing your home easier? Are you an expert in real estate marketing and do you have experience with real estate and more specifically with the sale of properties? Are you always in Portugal to receive potential buyers? Your answer to many of these questions is probably "no". And our answer to all of these questions is "yes".

Real Estate agents offer a huge network of right contacts

Yes, you can post your property on OLX, CasaSapo or Idealista yourself, and also post it on Facebook at a low cost. Real estate agents also do this in many cases. But will it be enough? Even if you have a large personal or professional network, your network will likely have little interest in publicizing your home for sale. The chances are also small that you have relationships with potential buyers or with other brokers.

For example, at Belalgarve we do not only advertise your house only within our own range. As independent real estate agents, we also inform all our partner real estate offices of the availability of your home or property. After accepting a sales mandate, we not only notify our extensive contact list of potential buyers, but also virtually all smaller and large real estate agencies in Portugal.

Exclusion of unqualified buyers

A good real estate agent is committed to distinguishing potential buyers from dreamy clients or nosy neighbours. Preparing the house for viewings, setting expectations about the sale, and later discovering that the buyer had no serious intentions can be very frustrating. At Belalgarve Consultants, we do everything we can to ensure that a visit only takes place if there is a real possibility of sale.

We do this by asking the right questions that determine the seriousness, qualification and motivation of a potential customer. We also always ask specific questions about the financial capacities of a potential customer in order to determine whether he can actually buy the property or qualify for a mortgage.

A property agent knows how to negotiate the right way

Even if you have experience selling, you probably have no experience selling real estate. Real estate agents know how to do this and know all the games as well as all the warning signs of a nervous or fake buyer. Any emotions may also make you too excited about the sales process, and without the help of a broker to bring you to your senses, if you are irrational, you are more likely to make bad decisions. Likewise, instead of an offended seller who gives an emotionally inappropriate response to the buyer, a broker will be able to respond in a neutral and professional manner to facilitate counter-offers.

Brokers also know the pulse of the market and know what exactly stimulates supply and demand. This knowledge is extremely important during real estate negotiations. Due to other properties within the offer, or perhaps properties already visited, it is much easier for a broker to defend a certain price to the buying customer.

In short: Selling your home or property is likely to be a difficult and emotional decision for you. You can try selling your home yourself to save money, but hiring a real estate agent has many advantages. And because of these benefits, a broker's services can end up making you faster and even more money than what you pay a broker. At Belalgarve Consultants we have the experience to bring a complex transaction to a successful conclusion, without falling into one of the many financial or legal pitfalls.

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