Serenity by the Atlantic: An Exclusive Holiday Retreat for sale in Santo Antão

A Serene Haven in the Heart of Cape Verde's Natural Beauty

Exquisite Atlantic Ocean Retreat in Santo Antao

Welcome to your dream getaway nestled in the idyllic village of Cha de Igreja on Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde. This unique property offers an unparalleled blend of tranquility and natural beauty, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and lush mountain landscapes. Whether you seek a serene retreat or an adventure-filled escape, this property is a sanctuary that caters to all your desires.

Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the ocean, with the first rays of sunlight illuminating the stunning panorama right from your window. As you step outside, the fresh, invigorating air and the vibrant greenery of the garden greet you, offering a perfect start to your day.

Explore the exquisite details of this property, which spans an impressive 5000 sqm. The private house provides a cozy and comfortable living space, while the three guest bungalows offer luxurious accommodations for friends, family, or potential tourists. Each building is thoughtfully positioned to maximize privacy and views, ensuring that every moment spent here is infused with peace and beauty.

The meticulously landscaped garden, with over 500 plant species, creates a botanical paradise where you can lose yourself in nature's splendor. Wander through the lush pathways, relax in the garden house, or enjoy a meal cooked in the traditional outdoor kitchen.

Built in 2015, this property combines modern amenities with rustic charm. The utility house is fully equipped with a modern kitchen, laundry facilities, ample storage, and a covered terrace perfect for dining and entertaining.

Located on the edge of Cha de Igreja, one of the most beautiful villages on Santo Antao, this property offers both seclusion and convenience. The island's capital is just 25 km away, providing easy access to local amenities and the vibrant culture of Cape Verde.

This property is more than just a place to stay; it's a lifestyle. Whether you envision it as a private retreat, a family vacation home, or a tourist accommodation, this sanctuary is ready to fulfill your dreams. Explore, relax, and create unforgettable memories in this exceptional Atlantic Ocean retreat.

Property Key Features:

  • Location: Edge of Cha de Igreja, Ribeira Grande district´

  • Size: 5000 sqm of lush gardens and well-maintained buildings´
  • Buildings:
  • Private House: 50 sqm with bathroom, bedroom, courtyard, and small outdoor kitchen
  • Guest Bungalows: Three 24 sqm bungalows, each with a bathroom and bedroom
  • Utility House: 50 sqm with shower, kitchen, laundry, three storage rooms, and a terrace
  • Additional Structures: Traditional stone garden house and an outdoor kitchen for cooking over an open fire
  • Garden: Over 500 plant species, creating a botanical garden ambiance

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