The Cliff, sustainable luxury and beautiful views

Discover Cape Verde's newest and most special residential community

The notion of sustainable and luxury real estate has reached Cape Verde

Located on the northwest coast of the Cape Verdean island of Santiago, The Cliff is a new residential real estate development aimed at people who value comfort and luxury, while at the same time seeing the importance of sustainability and a self-sufficient lifestyle. The Cliff consists of 57 building plots, almost all of which are located directly on the sea, in the middle of a 4 km wide bay and surrounded by a protected nature reserve. The Cliff has been completely designed by visionary real estate developers for self-sufficiency in water and electricity. It is only connected to the public water and electricity network as a kind of back-up for safety reasons. "The Cliff is a perfect example that a tailor-made luxury lifestyle in a prime location for natural beauty can be perfectly combined with self-sufficiency and sustainability," says the project developer.

An undiscovered top location in Cape Verde

In contrast to the islands of Sal and Boa Vista, the island of Santiago is still relatively untouched by tourism. Mass tourism and large all-inclusive resorts cannot be found here. Nevertheless, Santiago is the main island of Cape Verde. After all, Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, is located here. The Cliff is therefore easily reached within an hour's drive from the capital and the international airport of Praia.

Because Santiago is also the largest island in Cape Verde, it offers a lot of diversity. You will find a combination of spectacular mountain landscapes, palm-fringed beaches, all kinds of water sports and hiking activities and a vibrant cultural scene.

The Cliff is located on the northwest coast of the island, just below Tarrafal. The village of Tarrafal has one of the few white sand beaches on the island. Due to its location in a cove surrounded by coconut palms, Tarrafal beach is certainly one of the most idyllic beaches in Cape Verde. But the beach of Ribeira da Prata, also known as the Silver Beach, right next to the domain, is also a beautiful location.

The location of The Cliff itself is notable for the surrounding natural beauty and for its views, especially for the view of the mountain Monte Graciosa to the north and the 180 degree panoramic sea view to the west with the volcanic island of Fogo in the background.

A unique concept as a trendsetter in the luxury real estate market

The concept of The Cliff aims to be largely self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and organic food. Nevertheless, the Cliff will also be connected to the normal electricity and water network, in order to offer security of supply at all times. Each villa in this residential community will be equipped with an individual photovoltaic installation, providing sufficient capacity to cover the entire annual electricity requirement. In addition, each house has its own biological wastewater treatment plant for reuse when watering the gardens. Drinking water is provided by an underground seawater desalination plant. It is powered by photovoltaic energy and wind energy from its own windmills on the mountainside above the residential community.

Residents of this innovative real estate development in Cape Verde live in perfect harmony with nature thanks to this ecologically sustainable design. But also in the social field, sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship have been considered. During the development phase and construction activities, local workers will be used almost exclusively, and this project will continue to be a promising workplace for the local population in the future.

Remote working and digital nomads

In line with today's trend, The Cliff is also targeting potential property buyers who plan to work from home from one of the world's most beautiful locations. With only a few hours time difference with the East Coast of America, Europe and the West of Africa, the geographic location is simply ideal for international remote workers. In order to appeal to this growing clientele and also to allow for possible investments in 'digital nomad' projects, high-speed broadband Internet access is guaranteed not only via public fibre optic cables, but also via SpaceX's satellite broadband services.

Quality of life and comfort in the middle of tropical Cape Verde

The Cliff must offer its residents a comfortable, restful and luxurious new home. The houses are far enough apart to offer everyone sufficient privacy and not to hinder the panoramic sea view for anyone. The building materials and finishes used are in no way inferior to European quality requirements and European comfort.

At the centre of this new real estate development is a community centre, which offers residents and members a tropical park with access to the sea, as well as restaurants, bars and beer garden, organic grocery, yoga, massage and wellness centre, gym and an iconic three-level cascading infinity pool.

As a result, in addition to enjoying their property on this paradise piece of earth, owners can also easily rent out the villas as a luxury holiday rental and thus generate a considerable return.

The Cliff will run its own property management company. This non-profit company will provide owners with a variety of services such as security, gardening, housekeeping services such as cleaning and maintenance and supervision of the (holiday) rental of the villas during the owner's absence (if desired).

A unique opportunity for a high quality lifestyle

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