Belalgarve now accepts crypto currency for your real estate transaction


Due to the rising popularity and acceptance, real estate transactions with crypto currency are becoming more common. Also at Belalgarve Consultants we notice an increasing demand from progressive investors to buy real estate with the help of crypto currencies. It is a revolutionary aspect of the real estate industry and allows crypto investors to exchange their highly volatile crypto assets for safe and physical assets.

Finding the right partner to exchange your crypto currency assets

The biggest problem crypto investors encountered in real estate transactions was the limited supply of available properties that could be purchased with cryptocurrencies. For this reason, finding a reliable and secure crypto exchange platform is imperative both for the buying customers and for real estate companies that are embracing this new blockchain technology and want to expand both their offerings and their customer database. With XEROF, Belalgarve Consultants has now found this partner, enabling our clients to buy and sell real estate using XEROF's ability to exchange crypto currencies into CHF, USD and EUR.

Crypto real estate transactions with 100% legal compliance

One of the most important things when buying real estate or other luxury goods with cryptocurrency is authenticity. This is definitely the most important factor to consider. Crypto exchange must comply with laws and regulations. This is especially essential for complex transactions such as the purchase of real estate. Our partner XEROF is incorporated in Switzerland and has received regulatory approval from FINMA, the Swiss financial market regulator. The strict regulation of the Swiss financial market ensures that XEROF's procedures and way of doing business are also fully compliant with the regulations of most other European countries.

Buying real estate with Cryptocurrency in a 100% safe way

Only working with partners who take the safety of our customers to heart is key to Belalgarve Cosultants' business model. This applies not only to our real estate investment opportunities, but also to our financial partners. XEROF has the next generation of digital asset protection, combining the wallet technology, MPC-CMP, with hardware isolation to create a multi-layered security technology. By choosing our cryptocurrency exchange platform, you choose a reliable and licensed Swiss virtual asset service provider.

Buying real estate with Cryptocurrency: A simple and transparent process

Converting Cryptocurrency into real estate assets does not have to be complicated and is done in a few short steps. After choosing the right property, we help you open an account with XEROF. They will act as your financial partner and perform the conversion of your crypto to CHF, USD or EUR. Once redeemed, your money will be transferred to a special account in your name, from which the property will be paid. The process is clear, understandable and up-to-date. All crypto exchange transactions are done directly with a customer manager dedicated to you.

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